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Pacific International Quilt Festival: Celebrating Teamwork…and Flying Solo

The buzz is building and the crowds are gathering…  It’s almost time for… This year, the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF), one of the most popular quilt shows organized by Mancuso Show Management, celebrates its 20th anniversary! Running from Thursday, October 13, through Sunday, October 16, PIQF … Continue reading

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Color Inspiration – Tree Trunks to Bouganvilla

It’s not uncommon to hear new quilters say they find it difficult to choose fabrics for their projects. That’s typical of most of us when we’re getting started, but with each new project we develop our sense of color and … Continue reading

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Group Post II–Favorite Tips: Practical, Technical & Inspirational!

Our first group post was so well received–and so much fun to do–that we decided it was time to do it again. So here, in no particular order, we each weigh in on a favorite tip. Watch for future group posts; … Continue reading

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Needle + Thread = Lace

My heart skipped a beat when one of my dear students brought this beautiful piece of needle lace to class last week. Her mother, Yerkena Michigian, born in Turkey in 1899, made it around 1935 after leaving Istanbul to live … Continue reading

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Called up to the Big Leagues: The Empty Spools Seminars!

Hey, make no mistake, I’m very flattered and pleased to have gotten the call to teach at the Empty Spools Seminars in Pacific Grove, California, but like a rookie waiting for his first Major League pitch, I’m shaking in my … Continue reading

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My Grandmother’s Shortbread – A Favorite Recipe

It’s funny how our “favorite things” list evolves over the years – new ones are added and some are removed.  My grandmother’s shortbread has always been on my list.  I associate it with visits to my grandparents, who were Scottish immigrants, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Design: A Bookshelf Must-Have for Quilters, Artists, and More…Giveaway Added!!

It’s an industry trend that’s been pretty hard to miss: hundreds of new quilting, sewing, and fabric-crafting books are released every year. Every once in a while, however, a new book comes along that is so stunning in its content–both instructionally and visually–that it truthfully … Continue reading

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Hot Off the Press – Free Pattern for Portable Pressing Board

Doesn’t it seem that the amount of stuff we haul around to classes continues to grow not only in size but also in weight? Soon I will need a truck to get myself around. I am always looking for an easier … Continue reading

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Patchwork Beading: Where Handicrafts Collide Beautifully!

There are times like today when I feel more beady than thready. I’m thinking about shutting down the sewing machine, and zeroing in instead on my jewelry-making kit that’s hidden among the piles of craft and quilting junk littering my … Continue reading

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