Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour

Hello Fellow Bloggers. We are happy to be participating in the Quiltmaker’s 100 Block’s Blog Tour. Several months ago I (Laura) was asked to submit a block for the most recent issue of this inspiring publication. The magazine is scheduled to be on the newsstands November 13th. This is a must have for all you quilt block lovers.

Here’s the block I made.

The inspiration came from a room divider I spotted at my favorite Zen Restaurant. I was enjoying a casual lunch with some of my friends after we attended one of our local quilt shows. I purchased a stack of lovely Asian prints, not knowing how I might use them until I saw this design. I’m a sucker for grid work of all sorts.

The rest was easy. Just drafting the design and inserting the fabrics into the spaces. I love it when inspiration comes easily.

Be sure to  follow the blog tour the rest of this week, Nov. 5-9 at The Quiltmaker Blog Quilty Pleasure.  There you will find inspiration, ideas and lots of giveaways. To be entered in a drawing to receive a copy of the magazine, please leave us a comment telling us one of your favorite sources of inspiration. Three lucky winners will be announced with my next post on December 4th.

I have jumped in a little early this week so want to make sure you don’t miss visiting the new exhibit in our Gallery. It features photos from our recent show at Alden Lane Nursery.

Enjoy and Happy Blog Touring Everyone!

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265 Responses to Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour

  1. Lyn says:

    Great block; it’s on my list of blocks to make from this issue! I find inspiration from web surfing, blog reading, books, and the outdoors.

  2. michele says:

    I get inspiration from looking at quilts,fabric and gardens

  3. daneesey says:

    Blog hops like this provide a lot of inspiration to me! Though it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the marvelous creativity! Beautiful block you’ve featured — congratulations! :)

  4. JudyCnNC says:

    Sometimes the best tile designs are found in bathrooms – and I always enjoy the floor tiles. Just inspiring and thanks for this opportunity. I really like your block. Judy C

  5. KarenP says:

    Inspiration for quilting comes from many sources: blogs, nature, art and books.

  6. MarciaW says:

    Your block looks just like your inspiration screen. The fabric selection is perfect. I too get inspiration by the geometric objects and nature around us. I have a solving the “math problem” streak in me that drives me to figure out the structure of things.

  7. I often find ideas by looking at rugs and floor tiles!

  8. Holly says:

    What a fun block!! Inspiration for me comes from many sources – other bloggers; nature is a big inspiration for colors; surroundings are an inspiration for various designs; the fabric ultimately dictates to me the flow of a design.

  9. Jane says:

    Most of my inspiration is from books and magazines.
    I was also greatly inspired by some of the floors I saw in Rome, specifically the Sistene Chapel

  10. HueiSei says:

    Love your block! I love to view YouTube for inspriration :)

  11. Judy1522 says:

    Beautiful Block I love your choice of fabrics. I get my inspiration from the blogs that i read. There are so many amazingly talented people that are happy to share so much information it is truly inspiring.

  12. Maria Kievit says:

    The most inspiration used to be from books, when the internet wasn’t so readily available. Now it’s blogs, books, pictures, anything really that just tells you that will become a quilt one day. Thanks for sharing.

  13. LoriL says:

    Nice block. Simple enough for a beginner quilter but gives the look of an experienced quilter. Thanks for the chance to win

  14. I love old craft books.

  15. Gloria Bruce says:

    This year My inspiration has come from visiting blogs and seeing amazing talented creative quilters yourself included. the possibitilties are endless.

  16. Madeline says:

    I seem to keep getting color combinations from nature, particularly from flowers, plants, and trees, and then I get design ideas from a very strange place: the floor or wall tiles in bathrooms!

  17. I think that was a great inspiration for a quilt and quilt block – thanks, scarlette shobbs@scarlette.com

  18. Sandy says:

    I live in the city, and I love the shapes all the skyscrapers make, especially the reflections and the shadows.

  19. Magazines, Interior design, and just playing around with fabric and designs on EQ.

  20. Lisa Mikel says:

    One of my favorite inspirations for color choices in my quilts is nature. I live in the county in MN and we have beautiful colors in each of the 4 seasons to inspire me.

  21. Great block for a modern quilt!

  22. Pat V. says:

    I get so much inspiration from quilt shows! Design ideas, quilting motifs and ways to use color!

  23. Cathy Tomm says:

    Source of inspiration? fabric sometimes, photos, other quilts in books or on the internet. And of course a good magazine like the 100 blocks

  24. I love to use pictures as a jumping off point for color, and antique quilts for block designs. I tend to reset something traditional in an unexpected way.

  25. Your block is great! I love the lattice work in it. I find endless inspiration in the internet.

  26. wordygirl says:

    I get a lot of inspiration from architecture, tile, stone flooring. When we go on vacation I am always taking pictures of the floors or walls. :)

  27. Deb says:

    I get a lot of inspiration from nature but also from my fellow bloggers. Such a lovely block.

  28. Linda says:

    My insperation comes from gardens; nature walks & art work/paintings. I love bold vibrant colors that swirl or meld together. I find it hard if i’m asked to do a mellow pastel quilt; it takes me forever to mix the colors to my liking; but ask for bold and i’m your gal.

  29. Beth says:

    My source of inspiration is the fabric itself I let it talk to me, But have some Japanese prints I now know have an idea how to use.Hope I win a copy so I can see all the other great blocks. Thanks

  30. Marilyn says:

    Your block is great! I find some of my inspiration by looking at the fabric and thinking about what type of pattern would best show the fabric off. Thanks for entering me into your drawing!

  31. Carolyn Howland says:

    I love your block, I can totally see where it fits right in with the room divider. It also calls to mind tile work, which I always checkout for inspiration.

  32. Mary C in WA says:

    Love the grid work you were inspired by. I see it in Celtic applique. Great Blocks in Vol 6! Congrats!

  33. Kerry says:

    Loved your block. It’s always interesting seeing where others get their inspiration from. I often get mine from the quilts from the 1800’s through to the 1940’s.

  34. Cindy Wendt says:

    Thank you for the story behind your Great Block Laura, love it and the block.
    Other quilters inspire me, retreats are a wonderful source of inspiration.

  35. Marie in Boulder Creek, CA says:

    I get my inspiration from my family, my dog, nature, and the fabric that I am drawn to. Enjoy your block!

  36. Jane says:

    My inspiration comes from quilters with a generous sharing attitude. J

  37. sharon says:

    I use mother nature as my inspiration – color,seasons, and form.

  38. Pam Reim says:

    Great block; the use of black to accent grabbed me immediately.

  39. Debbi says:

    Really cool block! It was interesting to see where the inspiration came from. I probably get my inspiration from other quilters, nature and different graphic designs especially in tiles and the like.

  40. Sorchagirl says:

    The Alden Lane event was missed this year due to a hospital stay. I was so disappointed to miss it. Inspiration abounds at this nursery during the quilt show and other times of the year. Thanks, Laura for your blog.

  41. Really enjoyed your cute block. you must be a flower lover like me. really enjoyed the quilts in the garden tour.

  42. Karen Rowe says:

    This is a great block. I love hearing about what inspires others it broadens my horizons

  43. Nancy says:

    I have to say that my inspiration often comes from nature. I like the way colors are combined and the light catches plants and flowers at different times of the day. I love a cut up bowl of colorful fruit, or a beautifully mixed salad. I am inspired to take photos that I share of things like that, and who know what will come of it?

  44. Nancy Sue says:

    My inspiration comes from the garden. From veggies to flowers, the symmetry or lack there of, is amazing!!

  45. Love the block…great job

  46. Linda says:

    I love the blog tour because it exposes me to new and interesting teachers. Congrats on being featured.

  47. michelle h says:

    Great block!! I love that–and I really enjoyed seeing what inspired it!! I get inspiration from jewelry and tilework….plus Pinterest…oi!!! :) Also, nature, of course…I live out in the country a bit and commute into a nearby city for work….through the seasons I find different inspiration. It never fails.

  48. Joyce Mitchell says:

    My inspiration for color combinations come from nature. Thanks for sharing your block & thanks for the chance to win.

  49. Sandy W. says:

    I am especially inspired by Asian fabrics and by nature. It’s a challenge to see how I can use the fabrics in scenic blocks.

  50. Great block. I think Nature is my favorite source of inspiration, at least for color combos. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  51. karen miller says:

    I have Asian prints left from another quilt. Now have a way to use them up.

  52. missmoozie says:

    What a neat block and love that you shared what inspired the block. I’m still a beginner at quilting so I’m not yet creating blocks. For inspiration I love to look at my quilt stores, online and magazines for quilts I like and hopefully one day I will be designing my own. Thank you for your giveaway.


  53. Kristi says:

    I have a stash of Asian prints I would like to use. Thanks for the inspiration!

  54. Floor patterns, wallpaper, nature, blog hops…just about everywhere! Love your block – totally cool!!!

  55. My inspiration can come from anywhere–but if making a quilt for a specific person–I let their personalitly lead my design inspiration.

  56. Congrats on the block! It’s very cool!

  57. cnuland says:

    You did a wonderful job on your design – congratulations!

  58. Architecture is just filled with ideas for quilt blocks…so are linoleum floors!!! I can’t tell you how many public bathroom floors I have taken pictures of :)

  59. Prima Donna says:

    I get inspiration from the many quilt blogs .

  60. Helen Petrik says:

    My favorite inspiration place is a fabric shop! Get me in one and the ideas start to flow.

  61. Sher Henry says:

    This blog is the first 100 block blog, I have participated in. It is fantastic seeing all of the participating sites that are taking part in this blog tour. I love seeing all of the new blocks you have created they are awesome. This block looks like a fun block to make and I have ideas floating in my head on how I would like to use it in a quilt.

  62. Cathryn H. says:

    And I never thought of looking at the dividers in restaurants! I’ve looked at floor patterns, rug patterns, but not dividers. Whole new concept for me.

  63. Brenda J. says:

    You never know where your inspiration can come from. I see free motion quilt designs in my garden ferns and toad lillies! Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on your block!

  64. arlette says:

    Laura, are you going to blog December 4th, or was a mistake?, Id love to give your block a bite, looks tempting to me, yayyyyy

  65. Mary Ann says:

    I get inspiration from reading all these wonderful blogs and the different “hops” they each do.

  66. Eva Pearce-Ingram says:

    I get my inspiration from seacapes, there is just something about boats, water and seagulls.

  67. Maria do Carmo says:

    AS cores da natureza,agora é a hora:É primavera aqui no meu País,então vamo que vamo.
    Parabéns pelo lindo bloco e participação na revista

  68. Wendy says:

    I have noticed lately that I find a lot of inspiration in restaurants. Check out the carpeting, chair/bench covers, walls etc. It’s every where!

  69. Nancy says:

    I really LOVE your block! I think it’s amazing how you can find inspiration in everyday type of places! This block would be fun and versatile for anyone!

  70. maureen says:

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration story!

  71. You made a beautiful interpretation of the Asian lattice work. The black outline makes it really pop. Would love to see the secondary pattern in a whole quilt.

  72. Betty says:

    The black lines make the other colors and prints dramatic!

  73. Love your inspiration. Love the beautiful fabrics. Congrats to you….Judith, Texas

  74. Linda E in AZ says:

    Vey Zen-like!

  75. Kate says:

    There is so much inspiration out there, but I love the things from the past, vintage china patterns, prints, fabrics, even the housewares my gran has in her house. Thanks for the chance!

  76. Joyce O. says:

    I love the look of your block. Can’t wait to get the magazine.

  77. Louise says:

    Your blog is great and I love what inspired you. I get inspired looking at antique quilts, both in patterns and color/fabric choices.

  78. I am inspired by bright and happy colours!

  79. Jill Hicks says:

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  80. Inspiration is everywhere. Lovely interpretation.

  81. Julie in WA says:

    I get most of my inspiration from the numerous quilt blogs that I follow!

  82. Patricia Helm says:

    This block is very intriguing. Thanks

  83. Karen says:

    This is a great block. Thanks for sharing and congratulations.

  84. Cynthia says:

    I am inspired by me garden. I am also surprised by unusual sources of inspiration, like children’s art or flooring, etc. You block is lovely. Great fabric choices!

  85. Teresa Hatten says:

    I love your block. I am inspired by antique quilts. I marvel at the ingenuity of our fore-mothers who used up what they had and gave beauty to utility.

  86. Brenda Hulsey says:

    Interesting block that you made. I like the way the fabric fussy cut plays into the pattern! Great job! I find a lot of interest in tiled floors. Interesting where you can find some amazing designs!

  87. Deborah Green says:

    Great idea and it works perfectly.

  88. Cecilia says:

    Cute block. I get my inspiration from things around me and from magazines such as this. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this magazine.

  89. Joan says:

    I’m inspired by old quilts-love the historical ones.

  90. Linda (Petey) says:

    Quilters see the world around differently! Very nice block design…that black really adds zip to the other fabrics (Amish secret)

  91. Heidi says:

    I get inspiration from visiting quilting blogs.
    Love your block!

  92. Carol Sc says:

    Isn’t it amazing, where quilters’ find their inspiration?! I started using your book so many years ago and am happy that you are still part of the quilting world — love the block!

  93. Nann says:

    Design ideas are all around us. We respond to lines and the shapes they make. If I could curate an exhibit, I’d pick a design, like your lattice work, and ask artists to render it in different media — pottery, fabric, wood, polymer clay, paper, basketry. (And I’d love to win a copy of the block compilation. )

  94. QuiltinGram says:

    I find inspiration in nature, people, almost everywhere. I love your block and will make it. Thanks for a chance to win a copy to add to my other 5.

  95. Beth says:

    Love that you can see inspiration everywhere. I love your block.

  96. kwiltnkats says:

    Frankly, I leave the inspiration up to the designers…like yourself…I am happy with selecting the fabrics! Thanks for an opportunity to win QM 100 Blocks Vol 6. Sandi

  97. Gwendolyn Clark says:

    Very nice block. It’s fun to see where people get their inspiration from.

  98. Joy says:

    Great block! My quilting friends give me inspiration, especially when I’m not feeling very quilty.

  99. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    LOVE the block and the fabric you picked to highlight the “fretwork” is wonderful. I’ll be giving this one a try!

  100. Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says:

    Love your block. I love oriental themes and I love how you came up with your design.

  101. Barbara says:

    Neat block! I get my inspiration everywhere…flowers, tiles, scarfs and lately Pintereat!

  102. Really great block! I love how graphic it is. I’m envisioning this in all kinds of different fabrics. Thanks for the chance!

  103. Verna A. says:

    I am inspired by reading quilters’ blogs. Thanks for the chance to win.

  104. Joanna says:

    Wow, you are open to inspiration from anywhere, aren’t you. I love how you made your idea work in your block. It looks great.

  105. Robyn Brown says:

    Very cool block.

  106. ajsgramie says:

    All I can say is WOW. I love the idea of making a frame and putting the fabrics behind it. Thanks for the idea.

  107. Lisa's Chaos says:

    Inspiration really is everywhere, lol. :) Love it!

  108. thunder says:

    what a great piece of inspiration :) thanks for sharing, and thanks for the chance to win

  109. Diana says:

    Nature is a great inspiration, the sky, trees, ocean. Love all the colors. Thanks for the giveaway.

  110. kathy h says:

    Nature always gives me great inspiration for colors and my quilting friends are such an inspiration to try something new.

  111. I am inspired by antique qults. I love the quilts that my own grandmothers made!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  112. Cynthia Carlson says:

    I LOVE QUILTING! Especially the creating part. I get my inspiration from pouring over dozens and dozens of quilts. Eventually, I find one that sparks my imagination and . . . . . away I create!

  113. Mary says:

    Your block is very eye-catching. Thanks for sharing. I get a lot of inspiration from flowers and plants. I enjoy machine quilting and use ideas from nature quite often.

  114. Marie says:

    These magazines are so inspirational! I’m learning to “see” the world around me in a whole new way.

  115. Susan C says:

    I enjoyed the story behind your design inspiration. While I usually use other’s patterns, I get color inspiration from photos or flower gardens.

  116. Debby says:

    Congratulations on getting your block published! It’s really lovely – I love the fabrics and colors. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

  117. Sallie says:

    Great block! I get inspiration from floors and architecture. Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Mary says:

    Love your block! Nature is my muse!

  119. Angie says:

    I’m new to quilting, but I’ve designed a few of my own projects. Lately I’ve been drawn to sketching cartoon-ish animals to applique on child quilts. I like to look at clip art and coloring books for some guidance, and then just go for, drawing my own version(s) of the animals.

  120. rosa says:

    Awesome block.I get inspiration from quilting blogs.

  121. jmniffer says:

    I am a follow the pattern kind of gal. I do try and choose colors for the individual but the pattern is the most important part. Fun to read how you were inspired. Thanks for sharing.

  122. alizavdw says:

    I usualy get my inspiration from the internet. Thanks for this give away.

  123. Liz says:

    Love your design.

  124. lindawwww says:

    I get inspiration from so many different places – architecture, nature, books. There are patterns everywhere!

  125. Laurie Holcombe says:

    As Bonnie Hunter says “you have to look with your quilting eyes”.. and you did just that! Love the block.

  126. Patty Happel says:

    Most of my inspiration comes from patterns and magazines. I’m not quite to the “design my own stage”, but I almost never make the pattern exactly as shown either

  127. Carla G says:

    I love your block! I get my main inspiration from other blogs. I’m a newbie quilter and as of right now I am still learning how to quilt. And I love to see what all these wonderful quilters make. :)

  128. Jamie says:

    I am a follow the pattern type of person and do not do much free designing. I usually use quilt books and magazines to find projects and pick colors to match who the quilt is for.

  129. Patricia Hersl says:

    I find all the inspiration I can use in magazines and books. I’m not a designer but a great pattern preserver.

  130. Gill says:

    Great block!
    So much inspiration in the natural world around us!

  131. Carolyn says:

    Beautiful. I can’t wait to try it..

  132. Karrie Smith says:

    I like looking at the fabrics for inspiration. I also look at a ton of quilting books and blogs and save my favorites, so when it’s a good match I make it!

  133. Tanja H says:

    Great block and love your inspiration.

  134. Valerie Jenkins says:

    Ceramic tiles in Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico, as well as pictures of more exotic locales like Turkey really speak to me for design inspiration.

  135. Jenn says:

    I get inspiration from sidewalk/floor tiles, brick walls, and the tiles in bathrooms. I’m always getting curious looks when everyone else is focusing on ‘famous stuff’ and I’m clicking shots of what we’re walking on (:

  136. I love when inspiration just clobbers you over the head! Besides quilting magazines, books & websites, I find tile to be my greatest inspiration. No matter where I am, I see tile designs and think “that would make a great quilt block!”

  137. Quiltmouse says:

    I like that you found inspiration in typically ‘non-quilting’ patterns!

  138. Kris S says:

    I like to find ideas in architecture like the screen you showed. I also love to look at decorating magazines and quilt blogs for great ideas.

  139. reeskylr says:

    What a great block and the inspiration was very interesting. I love to sit and watch nature outside my window. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the rain clouds are gone for a day or two. It is so beautiful in Washington state, that the love for that is my inspiration.

  140. Kaye M. says:

    Nature inspires me the most and i love to read quilting blogs to see what others are doing and to get new ideas.

  141. marcia says:

    What a great “modern” block. The fabrics and the design make it very fresh and fun!

  142. Shar says:

    I love this block! the colors are great!

  143. Terje says:

    Congratulations on having a block in my favorite magazine publication. What a well-deserved honor. Where do I get inspiration? Recently it has come from the drawings of my grandsons. They are really creative and I am loving their color choices as well as their design elements. A bit of pondering and my own creative juices start flowing.

  144. Crazy Cuban says:

    I get many inspirations from tile floor patterns found in my family photos from the 1930’s through the 1950’s.

  145. Your block design is lovely. I’ll bet it would look make a great pattern in a quilt top with the blocks turned different directions. Just stopping by to say “hello”. Don’t enter me in the giveaway. I’m on the tour, too. Have a super day!

  146. Stephanie Matz says:

    Wonderful block. And just goes to show you can get inspiration anywhere. I find myself whipping out my camera phone to shoot wallpaper in a dentist’s office, flooring, and all sorts of things. Thanks so much for sharing.

  147. Lisa E. says:

    I get incredible inspiration from quilting blogs and flickr. So many creative people out there!!

  148. Jennie Steward says:

    I love how you came up with the design for your block…inspiration is everywhere! Congrats on being chosen for the book.

  149. Nancy Smith says:

    My inspiration comes from the colors & textures in nature.

  150. Sandi says:

    Nice block and I love how you tell how you were inspired by something you saw while eating lunch. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the magazine.

  151. Diann Smith says:

    I find inspiration in nature for colors.

  152. sew toni says:

    Great idea. I try to think of ways to create blocks on things I see too.

  153. Kathy Leake says:

    Nice block. Congratulations on getting it published in the book.

  154. Debbie says:

    I love how you designed the block from the window design! I get a lot of my inspirations from all the wonderful photos that people post on their blogs!

  155. Kathy Lancaster says:

    How original. We can find inspiration everywhere.

  156. Amanda says:

    I usually find my inspiration by looking thru magazines & books. Your block is beautiful & i would love to try it. Thank you.

  157. MoeWest says:

    Isn’t it great that there is inspiration everywhere! Your block is great. I would love to see how it looks in a quilt.

  158. ANGELA BARGER says:

    nature and architecture are my biggest inspirations when drafting a block . your block is lovely and cant wait to see a quilt out of it for the secondary pattern should be very nice

  159. Gwen says:

    I love to look and see designs in floor tiles and old ceramic tilings in old buildings.

  160. Bernie S says:

    Nice block, and great inspiration for me to look around for ideas. thanks.

  161. Rachell R says:

    Nice to meet you!
    So intriguing! Love it! Love the frames and gridwork, and pretty colors. Congrats and thanks!

  162. Dee Johson says:

    Love this block – archetecture is amazing

  163. LizA says:

    Love your block. I have just discovered how beautiful Asian prints are and have been looking for a pattern. My inspiration comes from many of the blogs I visit. I also think Quitlmaker’s 100 Blocks is a “have to have” magazine. Thanks!

  164. Kim says:

    Get my inspiration from my local quilt shop. Thanks for the change to win

  165. Susan says:

    Love the block and the inspiration! Nice job!

  166. sandra says:

    love this block i like the way you get your inspiration from such everyday things

  167. Gladys says:

    Very great block! And thanks for sharing your inpiration!

  168. billiemick says:

    Great post!

  169. Ariane says:

    I love your block. I get inspired but the things that surround me.

  170. Beth Strand says:

    Favorite sources of inspiration? Almost everything and sometimes too many things! My favorite is time out in nature, the colors are always inspiring!

  171. Pam from CA says:

    Love your block design! Congrats on being in the new publication!

  172. Barb Johnson says:

    I find inspiration in all sorts of strange places. Like you, I take photos of interesting designs, and see if I can translate them into patterns. I have lots of pictures of hotel carpets on my cell phone……

  173. Loretta T says:

    Have the perfect fabric in my stash for this one.

  174. Candy says:

    One of my favorite sources for inspiration is Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks – I have all 5 currently and am looking forward to Volume 6!

  175. Holly says:

    I get most of my inspiration from quilting magazines. I’m learning to draw and this will open up my eyes to so much more inspirations available if I only take the time to observe.

  176. Loris Mills says:

    Love your new block and the story of its inspiration. I’m often inspired by the fabric :-)

  177. vickievan says:

    Love the block, and the inspiration behind it. I often find myself sitting on a toilet (not at home) staring at the tile floor …thinking….I better take a picture of that!!! ROFLOL I hope that isn’t TMI hahahaha and I hope I win :)

  178. Maureen says:

    Sometimes inspiration hits you when you least expect it! Just look around, & there it is! I also get lots of inspiration from blogs. What a wonderful “computer” world we have access to! Thanks so much for a chance at the give-away!

  179. Cynthia Taylor says:

    What a fun block!

  180. Margaret Andrews says:

    Your fabrics are just beautiful. The window makes a nice quilt block.

  181. Debra Neiman says:

    I get inspiration from – nature – photos – other quilt blocks and wood carving patterns. Love your blog, congrats on your block in the book. I want to win!

  182. D D says:

    I love your block! Had been saving fabric from a trip to Japan and had not been inspired to cut it until now. I like the way the prints are featured but toned down by the white blocks and black sashing-so pretty. Thanks for your inspiring block.

  183. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

    I’m inspired by the quilting/sewing blogs I follow! So amazing to see what others’ can do, and then try to do that myself. :)

  184. Pat D says:

    Love your block. I get most of my inspiration from the internet and from quilt shows.

  185. Patricia says:

    What a lovely block! I get inspiration from nature…and just about everywhere else! Thanks sew much for this chance to win :-)

  186. Regina says:

    LOL – and here I thought I was strange for sticking my camera under the table at a conference to take a picture of the rug pattern as a quilt idea. Inspiration truly is everywhere. Love your interpretation!

  187. Wanda says:

    My earlier post didn’t appear. I find your design interesting for using larger prints in blocks.

  188. Wanda says:

    I found your design interesting and a great way to use larger patterns.

  189. Mary W says:

    Great inspiration for your block. Thank you for sharing.

  190. Jocelyn says:

    I do get inspiration from magazines, quilt shop samples and the amazing world of blog land! So many creative and generous people out there. Thanks for sharing a copy of the latest 100 Blocks! Can’t wait to see it.

  191. patty says:

    I love blocks with bigger pieces so the fabric can be shown off.

  192. Jenelle Boxberger says:

    I get my inspiration from magazines, blogs, and surfing the web. Love your block. Congrats

  193. Great idea. I will try to remember to notice things like your grid as inspiration for blocks.

  194. Gloria Gleason says:

    The latest inspiration for a quilt I had was the tile floor at one of our favorite restaurants! Furniture is good, too!

  195. Jenn Lucot says:

    Laura, I love your block. Seeing other’s works tends to inspire me. I get to see how others use color and designs to create their works of arts. It is what I need to create my own quilts.

  196. Suzanne says:

    Great block! Thanks for sharing

  197. Jodi G.- usairdoll says:

    What a beautiful block! I love looking at different blogs, Pinterest and even old quilts.

    Thank you and Quiltmaker for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  198. Gwen says:

    As a Realtor, I see a lot of variations of tile flooring patterns, and I find them to be one of my greatest inspirations for quilt designs.

  199. Sue Goodin says:

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! IT. I get my inspirations from tiles setting in a lot of restrooms. I know funny but check them out.

  200. Nancy D. says:

    My greatest inspiration is probably things I see on the internet – Flickr, blogs, etc. But I have to say that I pay more attention now to architecture and such because everything seems to have some quilty possibility too.

  201. Sandra says:

    What a neat block…

  202. Cathy B says:

    I aam inspired by magazines, interent, fabrics…… Congrats on being in the magazine!

  203. SueB says:

    Love how that block was fussy cut. Very clean looking block. Love it.

  204. I like how you used the lattice work as inspiration and would love to see it made into a quilt, it would be stunning. I tend to go with primitive designs in my quilts, so I love to look at antique quilts and folk art.


  205. Debbie Rhodes says:

    what a great block thanks

  206. duff says:

    Architecture certainly does lend inspiration for a fabulous block. I like the way the black outline is not applique–I can do it! I’d love to see your block in a multiple setting–I’m betting the secondary design is as amazing as the one block on its own.

  207. Tami Chaulk says:

    I love that your inspiration came from that room divider. I love going to antique stores and browsing through quilters blogs. Congratulations for getting your block in Quiltmakers 100 Blocks #6. You’ve got a lovely block there!

  208. Rose says:

    Nice block. I get inspired by others, and nothing beats thumbing through the pages of a magazine.

  209. rutigt says:

    All of you quiltbloggers are my truly inspiration! I visit lots of blogs every day and I´m learning so much!
    Gun, Sweden

  210. Cindy says:

    One of my favorite places for quilt inspiration is God’s creation, the colors and textures all around us.

  211. goonyburd says:

    Internet, my property, other blocks – all a source of inspiration!

  212. Barbara Orozco says:

    I love your blog and the inspiration I can find on blog hops!
    Thank you for sharing.

  213. Donna Purchase says:

    I have an Asian-themed bedroom, so I’m finding inspiration on blogs like yours!

  214. It is simply amazing where we find the inspiration for finding quilt designs for block ideas. Great block and will make a wonderful addition to this magazine. Thank you for your participation and giving all of us a chance to win.

    Sandi T.

  215. Diane says:

    Personal stories of my family are my greatest inspiration.

  216. Lori Smanski says:

    I to love blog hops. Your block is wonderful. I love to see how others get their inspiraton.

  217. Mary Jo says:

    It’s bright, happy and cute! Love your block!! Congratulations on being selected for Volume 6!!

  218. Dorothy Schreyer says:

    Love the grid..I look and them and think they would be quilt patterns…you did it!!

  219. Jill Schlageter says:

    Love this block!

  220. VickiT says:

    That ironwork from the restaurant is very cool. I love that type of design myself. Your block is wonderful. I have to say that most of my inspiration comes from blogs currently as I’m still somewhat new to quilting. Every once in awhile I do see something somehwere my husband and I might be that makes me think it would make a great quilt block, although I’ve never created one myself yet.

  221. Vicki H says:

    I also see inspiration in unsuspecting place. Thank you for the chance to win

  222. craftytammie says:

    i love old buildings for inspiration! moldings, windows, and tile ceilings…

  223. Cathy says:

    I love getting inspiration from architecture. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the magazine. Hugs

  224. lorraine says:

    Simple block, but very effective. Perfect fabrics to show it off!

  225. carol kennison says:

    I love this block design. It is amazing what ideas come from our surroundings.

  226. Valerie in CO says:

    Inspiration comes from many places. We just have to open our eyes. Love your block.

  227. Becky Greene says:

    Flickr may be my biggest source of inspiration – thanks for the chance to win and congratulations on being included in 100 Blocks!

  228. Kathie L says:

    I read a ton of blogs, and I find so much inspiration there. Design, color choices, new trends, new tools.

  229. maggielou says:

    I love to look at quilt blocks for inspiration. I love to look at tiles on floors and think how I could make a block out of them.

  230. Donna says:

    My children and grandchildren inspire me – because they often tell me what they want on their next blanket!

  231. Leanne says:

    I love your block. Looks like it would be very interesting when you put a bunch together in different settings. Thanks for the chance to win.

  232. Kathy says:

    My favorite place to go for inspiration is other quilting blogs. Quilters are the best at sharing!!
    Thanks for the chance to win the magazine.

  233. Laurie says:

    Beautiful! I love quilt blocks with asian fabrics, and this would be a great block to put some of my collection in.

  234. Sandra Visser says:

    I too find a lot of inspiration on blog hops. Thanks for the chance to win.

  235. Micki clemens says:

    I like this block- I guess I like grids too!

  236. Mary Jane Cardwell says:

    I love staring at carpet designs and working up quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  237. easgrandma says:

    Congrats! My first blog hop – glad you were on the list – keep up the creativity!

  238. Mary Jo Jones says:

    I like the simplicity of your block..especially with the gridwork. I am going to have to study my surroundings better. Thanks and congratulations! I am looking forward to see the pattern and trying it!

  239. Kay says:

    I have to admit, my source of inspiration is quilt shops, blogs, and magazines. Not that I copy them, just get inspired. Thanks for inspiring me.

  240. Dell says:

    I get inspirations from craft magazines, books and blogs.

  241. Diana says:

    One of my favorite sources of inspiration is nature. I especially love leaves and the play of light & shadow. Thanks for the opportunity.

  242. Mary Ann says:

    I love wandering in beautiful gardens, visiting the seaside or mountains for inspiration. And I love checking blogs, so much creativity to inspire can be found at my on kitchen table.

  243. KarenS says:

    Great block design! I am often inspired by geometric patterns in “ordinary” household items.

  244. cynthia says:

    My favorite source of inspiration is antique quilts! I love to make them in modern fabrics!

  245. vwlady54 says:

    Very modern looking block. Would be good for a “guy” type quilt.

  246. quilthoney says:

    Can’t wait to try out your blocks with different fabric collections — 30’s anyone?!

  247. Dana says:

    Color is a major inspiration for me, I’ll see a couple of colors together that I haven’t tried yet and I’m off and sewing. Thanks.

  248. Lee Ann L. says:

    Neat block and love the inspiration for the block itself.

  249. Tamsyn says:

    My best inspiration comes from architecture. Super cute block. Tamsyn

  250. KT says:

    I think the 100 blocks magazines and blog tours are my favorite sources of inspiration–so fun to meet lots of talented quilters and designers through their work on the 100 blocks!

  251. Marj says:

    I find most of my inspiration through blog surfing.
    Your block is very cute. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the 100 blocks issue #6.

  252. Donna says:

    I get lots of inspiration from this magazine as well as nature.

  253. CelticRose says:

    Love your block! One of my favorite sources of inspiration is optical illusions.

  254. Carrie P. says:

    Isn’t it amazing where quilters get inspiration? Love your block. congrats.
    I get inspiration from nature. I like using the colors I see.
    thanks for a chance to win a copy.

  255. Shirley in Canada says:

    A super great block!!

  256. Inspiration for quilting is everywhere. Recently, I find much inspiration from quilting blogs. An idea here and idea there….

  257. Jitka says:

    I like traditional blocks in bright colors. I love two blocks quilt. This is my inspiration.

  258. Sue says:

    I absolutely LOVE blog hops. Inspiration overload!

  259. robin says:

    I find inspiration in weird places- farmer’s market, mall, gas stations, see packets, children’s toys…
    thank you for the chance to win copy!

  260. Martina says:

    Your block looks lovely! I find inspiration in nature and through other quilters.

  261. Lisa Marie says:

    Nature is great color inspiration and tile floors are great pattern inspiration.

  262. Lizzie says:

    Fantastic story behind your great block! I’m so glad I found your blog through this tour, but I think my mom has talked about your work too. I get my inspiration from travel, and from letting my eyes and distance viewing relax, so I see different parts of what I’m looking/not looking at. And music is inspirational too!

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