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Aloha Quilters! Cyndy Rymer Shares her Hawaiian Quilting Idyll with Esterita Austin

As a charter member of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scissors, I’ll go anywhere at the drop of a hat, especially if the destination is quilt-related. So, when my friend Erica Cronin asked if I wanted to go to Kailua-Kona … Continue reading

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Spring Quilt Market, You Are So Much Fun! (The Scoop From Cyndy Rymer)

I love being part of the quilting universe, especially when I get to visit Spring Quilt Market. Last year, it was Kansas City, the capital of awesome barbecue, and home to great outdoor venues for dancing. Portland hosted this year, … Continue reading

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Process or Product…What’s Your Quilting Style? (+ Giveaway)

I know from years of teaching that students approach projects with different expectations. Some will work on the same quilt for several weeks or months and see it through to completion, while others bring in new projects every few weeks. … Continue reading

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Quiltmaking Basics: What’s Your Angle?

Do you ever feel intimidated by the many angle markings that appear on our cutting mats and rulers? I truly do enjoy each step along the path to making a quilt–even cutting! I can’t say the same for dressmaking. I believe I … Continue reading

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Another Scrap-Happy Quilting Adventure (+ A Super Quick One-Day Giveaway)

This quilting thing? It’s utter madness. I’m not alone, though; I know you share this insanity. You finish a quilt, give it away, and in that pause between taking a deep, refreshing breath and re-committing to getting the house in … Continue reading

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The Pause That Refreshes: Taking a Quilting Break in an Art Museum

As you may have surmised from my recent post series, I’ve been on a quilt-finishing kick lately. Do you know what’s better than finishing quilts? Giving them away, of course! I’m recently returned from a transcontinental quilt-delivery spree having surprised … Continue reading

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From Great-Grandma’s Quilts to Gallery Walls: The Creative Journey of Linda Dease Smith

It’s always wonderful to hear of quilts being recognized in a gallery setting, and even more so when the quilter in question is a long-time friend. Linda Smith and I first met over 25 years ago in Boone, NC, as charter members … Continue reading

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An Afternoon of Fabric Play = Five Easy Pieces!

Today I just felt like sewing. Nothing large, or complex. Just something that would let me play with fabric, and that I could start and finish in an hour or so. A summer or two ago, we decided to plant “a … Continue reading

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“First Quilt, Latest Quilt” — Verna Mosquera (Double Giveaway Today!)

Whenever we attend a quilt show, pick up the current issue of a quilting magazine, or peruse the latest book by a favorite instructor, it’s always with the anticipation of seeing “what’s new.” It’s the rare quilter, however, who springs fully evolved to the quilting scene. There’s … Continue reading

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