Attention Quilters: Winner Takes All in BIG Mid-Year Giveaway!

Since we launched See How We Sew back in the spring of 2011, many quilt- and sewing-related companies and individuals have been extremely generous in donating fabulous books, fabrics, patterns, and notions to be used as giveaways in our various posts. In fact, they’ve been more than generous, and–over time–we’ve accumulated a bit of a surplus.

So . . . we’ve decided to raid our goodie box to assemble a super, Christmas-in-(almost)-July, winner-takes-all giveaway!

One lucky reader will receive all of the items in this super giveaway!

One lucky reader will receive all of the items in this super giveaway!

Included in this mega giveaway:

Since this is such a special giveaway, we’re asking for a slightly different type of comment to get your name in the hat. To be eligible, give us your best, most creative attempt at a four-line “poem” telling us why you deserve to win. (One entry per person, please.) The deadline for entries is noon (PDT), Thursday, July 11. Jennifer will announce the winner in her Friday, July 12 post.

You don’t need to be a SHWS subscriber to enter, but we hope that–if you haven’t already–you’ll join us via the “Sign me up!” button in the right-hand column of this post. That way, you’ll receive a reminder each Tuesday and Friday to visit us for our latest posting–and you won’t miss a single tutorial, tip, virtual quilt show, free pattern (or recipe), quilt-shop visit, book or product review, exhibit announcement, source of inspiration, or giveaway here at See How We Sew. Please tell your friends about us, too.

Speaking of giveaways: the winner of Edyta Sitar’s Little Baskets pattern from Darra’s June 25 post is Susan Paxton. Congratulations, Susan!

‘Til next time, happy stitching.


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90 Responses to Attention Quilters: Winner Takes All in BIG Mid-Year Giveaway!

  1. Carol Pleskoff says:

    After years of day to day working life
    I now enjoy the artist’s way
    I build my quilts and fabric art
    That brings pure joy to me each day.

  2. My projects are the only way
    I really like to spend my day
    Measure, cut, and quilt today
    So I can give them all away

  3. Sherri D says:

    There was a young gal from Nantucket,
    Her notions she kept in a bucket,
    They were tattered and torn and she was so forlorn,
    To win new ones would sure help her budget!

  4. Colleen Terry says:

    There once was a quilt guild in Slinger
    Whose members oft’ sewed on their Singers
    These prizes would aid
    In the quilts that they made
    And then they could make some humdingers

  5. Quilting Tangent says:

    Entered many contest
    haven’t won anything
    Nice giveaway
    hope I win.

  6. Sally Dixon says:

    Quilting is my passion
    Piecing and modern is fashion
    Giveaways are dashing
    It adds to my stashing!!

  7. Janet Crossman says:

    “Happy, Happy, Happy”
    Says the Duck Boys
    Happy, Happy, Happy
    Says me with new toys!!

  8. Sallie says:

    Just 6 months till Christmas
    Urgently needing to get busy
    Looking at this stash of goodies
    You inspire me with your generosity

  9. Louise says:

    Cut it
    Pin it
    Stitch it
    Win it!!

  10. Elizabeth S says:

    Cut, Cut
    Snip, Snip
    Now I’ll go
    And sew a bit.

  11. Sally Parrish says:


  12. Cindy says:

    Christmas is coming,
    Truth be told,
    I haven’t yet started,
    With this prize I’ll be gold.

  13. Carolyn Rzesutek says:

    Oh, those goodies are amazing,
    They get my heart a’racing.
    I see projects, plans and ideas in my head,
    You know what? Enough said.

  14. Judy says:

    I love competition!
    Would love to win this prize for quilting.
    If I win this contest
    My world would be tilting!!

  15. Ellen M says:

    Winning seems to avoid me
    I enter many contests
    But my name doesn’t get picked by thee
    PIck me, pick me can this time I be best.

  16. Carol Barringer says:

    my, my,
    12 July —
    That’s quite a stake!
    Pick me, for heaven’s sake.

  17. Marilyn Chapman says:

    I read a note on here from Joan
    Whose husband left this earth for her to start a new plan!
    Here is someone I recommend that has a need
    How proud he would be to see her create something new!

  18. Susan Paxton says:

    I am not much of a poet, but here goes:
    My heart is in sewing
    I love my little stash
    Would love to learn new stuff
    but need this package FAST!!

  19. mamaraby says:

    Three children.
    Need I say more?
    Sitting at my machine, colors on the design wall
    Keeps the mumbling to a minimum.

  20. Shauna Trueblood says:

    Giveaways are so fun,
    I wish I was good at puns
    I want to win so bad
    It would make me so glad

  21. Nancy M says:

    Fabric, patterns and notions
    Keeps my life in motion
    Sewing keeps me sane
    Winning will stop the bane

  22. kathy haymes says:

    I love quilting things
    and have many to use
    but I always need more
    and with these I could fuse!

  23. Arlene says:

    Winning notions on July 12
    Would be icing on the cake.
    For that’s the day our youngest daughter
    And her groom have vows to make.

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  25. Joann says:

    Hubby has reported to new duty station in heaven
    And now I have to start something without him
    This little collection of goodies to be won
    Will be just the thing to get the creative juices a flowin’.

  26. Juanitad says:

    I love to sew..
    Just so you know.
    Quilting is the best,
    and this will help me get some rest!

  27. vwlady54 says:

    The blog, See How We Sew
    Has been so much fun!
    I loving making block rows
    And could sew more if I won!

  28. Mar says:

    There once was a quilter named Mar
    Who picked up her life and moved far
    She ran out of room to take all her toys
    So winning this bunch would bring back the joys.

  29. MargaretFritz says:

    Want to know?
    Why I need more goodies to sew?
    It’s the piecin’
    To keep the peace in!

  30. Gadgets, Gizmos and more,
    Patterns, Templates and fun,
    Sewing, Quilting, Sharing,
    Prize Basket…..Makes it complete

  31. Mary Bowman says:

    Though fabric and patterns our my thing
    It never stops me for enternig great giveaways
    For after all
    We can never have enough.

  32. Jerry Church says:

    I’d like to share
    A notion or three
    With fellow quilters
    Who’ve shared with me.

  33. How like patchwork quilt life seems,
    Bits of reality, pieces of dreams,
    Keep us warm in good weather or bad,
    Give us reason to be happy and glad.

  34. Pam says:

    It’s summer and I can’t afford to go to the ocean
    But I’d be content to just win a new notion
    Or some fabric and patterns and a new DVD
    That would be quite enough vacation for me.

  35. Elizabeth Monahan says:

    My stash cries out
    “Oh, use me, please!”
    With these patterns and tools
    I’ll do it with ease!

  36. Faye Nettles says:

    Sew, sew, what do you know
    Winning is the way to go.
    No more hunting for supplies I need
    They are in the prize basket, yes indeed!

  37. Debi Holley says:

    Quilting’s my passion
    My machines are my muse
    there’s not a gizmo or gadget
    that I couldn’t use! :)

  38. Ann says:

    CVAN and Hospice need
    quilts galore.
    Winning this
    I could make them more!

  39. I quilt all day and all night too,
    There’s nothing that I’d rather do.
    And should you send me this lovely prize….
    I won’t be able to believe my eyes!

  40. Marianne says:

    I’d jump for joy then sit and sew
    First a square, next a block, row after row,
    Patterns, tools, and a color wheel too,
    A super giveaway, my thanks to you!

  41. kbo says:

    Me and You have plenty to do,
    Send ME the “Swag” in July’s “Red White and Blue”,
    I will Sew,
    And create something “COOL”

  42. connandvansmom says:

    Sew Sew Sew Don”t you know
    Quilt Quilt Quilt to my hearts content
    But I need all the goodies
    in order to sew & quilt & invent

  43. Regina DeMatteo says:

    If I were to win this mega prize
    I wouldn’t be able to believe my eyes!
    When the postman delivers to my mailbox
    I’d jump up and down and out of my socks!

  44. Liz Renner says:

    I am an a quilter, don’t you know
    I love to quilt, I love to sew.
    Every day I quilt so hard,
    it’s a good thing… I’m NOT a bard.

  45. Rosemary says:

    Getting ready to move
    it’s difficult to decide
    Which things to move
    Which ones to hide!

  46. Cecilia says:

    I’ve been a busy quilter.
    All but two UFO’s done.
    I need more supplies.
    It would help if I won!

  47. Darla Z says:

    Cleaning, fixing, advising, cooking,
    Ferrying, studying, quick Facebooking,
    Feeding, gardening, lego building,
    Give mom a break; she’d rather be quilting!

  48. Gene Black says:

    I am a man, and yet I sew
    My machine is neutral gender, so you know
    I make quilts and accessories, in my spare time
    Extra Supplies like this would just be sublime.

  49. Katherine Carter says:

    My children call me a hoarder,but, I call myself a storer, when I get ready to create , then I want be late,so thankful.

  50. Pam says:

    Would love to win the give away what a great prize!

  51. Lois says:

    Sewing and quilting
    Are so much fun.
    If I have the right equipment
    Then I’ve already won!

  52. Sharon Kisel says:

    What a wonderful surprise!
    Enjoying this special treat and
    An entertaining enterprise
    Sharing with my (quilting) husband.

  53. Such generous gratuity!
    It’s straining my credulity.
    But enough of this Tom-foolery…
    Got to make some more “bed jewelry.”

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  55. Shirley Schmeyer says:

    Some Quilters like to meet in groups.
    Each with her task to Master.
    They share the pride of finished quilts.
    Plus all the work goes faster.

  56. Jane from MA says:

    Stash Happy Patchwork and Applique –
    A colorwheel and tools could fill my day –
    But — put fabric and Steam a Seam in the pile –
    This all really, really makes me smile.

  57. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    Prizes galore,
    Oh what a sight!
    Win these you ask?
    Of COURSE I would like!

  58. Kelly says:

    What can I say
    I’m excited over this giveaway
    I’ve been a good girl
    And really want to win

  59. Heather J says:

    A poem you ask?
    That’s quite the task!
    I’m not a writer,
    Merely a quilter! ;)

  60. trillium says:

    Books and notions and fat quarters bright
    Would give this quilter much delight!
    Such goodies fill my quilting dreams.
    I have desire but limited means.

  61. eleanorlevie says:

    See How We Sew’s new posting
    for a “Christmas-in-July”
    won by a Jewish quilter?!
    Now that’s a contest gone a-wry!

  62. Michele says:

    I belong to a great quilt guild.
    With your gifts as door prizes we’d be thrilled
    for our 3 day “university” in August
    Wouldn’t you love to support us? (Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild, Michigan)

  63. Lee Smith says:

    what an incentive this would be
    to learn quilting and become a quilting bee.
    to win this prize would be grand
    especially if this gift lands in my hand!

  64. Debbe says:

    Stitching and stashing,
    It’s what I do.
    From clothes to quilts,
    there’s nothing I can’t do.

  65. Laura Jones says:

    Perfect Weekend:
    Stitchin’ and Bitchin’
    Drinking Wine
    With Friends

  66. msredo says:

    Just so you know
    I love to sew
    Now gimme the gifts
    It’ll give me a lift…
    (please) ;)

  67. A quilting prize for me
    would be a dream come true
    Something I’d like to see
    Such a gift for following you!

  68. Peggy Simpson says:

    My sister took my color wheel,
    Her colors sizzle and pop !
    My quilts now lack that certain pizzazz,
    This borrowing has to stop!!!!!!!

  69. robin says:

    What a very lovely prize
    pictured, right before my eyes!
    How I’d love to win it all –
    then I’d surely have a ball!

  70. Debbie H says:

    The tools are cool
    The books are worth a look
    The patterns are better than going to Saturn
    It would sure be fun if I won!

  71. Barbara Jansz, Elizabeth, IL says:

    The Friendship Quilt Guild would love to win
    All the surplus items in your Goodie-Box-Bin.
    Members who’ve made quilts for Project Linus
    Will be rewarded generously for their quilting kindness.

  72. Ann Dunn says:

    Books, patterns, notions, oh my!
    The fat quarters really capture my eye.
    I would love to win so I poem I will try,
    fingers crossed my name is announced on the 12th of July.

  73. merriejo says:

    What a challenge
    Piecing words together
    Instead of fabric
    Sure hope this poem is a winner

  74. Donna W says:

    Oh me
    Oh My
    Can’t wait to see
    If the name is mine

  75. Sherri says:

    I am just beginning
    I would like to do the winning
    Forget all the rest
    But give it to the best

  76. Sherri says:

    I am just begining
    I would like to do the winning
    Forget all the rest
    and give it to the best

  77. barbara woods says:

    So old
    need win

  78. Kathie L says:

    To win this prize,
    It would be fine.
    I’d celebrate
    With a glass of wine!!.

  79. Jill S says:

    Quilting is my passion
    My stash is bursting to the brim
    It seems to be in fashion
    I surely want to win!

  80. Duane Wiley says:

    Fabric and patterns and tools, Oh My!
    Just in time before Summer Flies,
    Could it be I might win this time?
    This is by far the best of finds!

  81. Just four
    it won’t take more
    for me to say
    I’d like to be the winner yay!!

  82. Books – Patterns – Material
    Oh My Goodness
    What a Delight
    To Brighten Ones Day!!
    Wonderful Giveaway, Thanks

  83. Carol says:

    Goodies, goodies, look and see
    All of them could come to me.
    I would like to sew, sew, sew,
    This poem is to let you know!

  84. cynthia says:

    There once was an old lady from Texas
    Who didn’t know what to do nextus
    She had lots of time but not much dime
    So winning this would solve the perplexus!

  85. elle says:

    The quilter from Canada
    Threw her name in the hatada
    If her name is then plucked
    It’ll just be good luck!
    (and not because of her rhyming ability) lol what fun first thing in the morning! Super prize!

  86. All those goodies
    Wouldn’t it be
    Super fantastic
    If the winner was me. ;)

  87. Kathryn M says:

    I am new to this craft
    Increasing my stash
    Of cloth, books and tools
    And this stash looks cool.

  88. Lynn says:

    What great prizes
    I’d like to win.
    Put my name in the pot,
    I’ts Lynn.

  89. Deborah says:

    your gifts look so nice

    i know i need none

    if a poem would suffice?

    it would be great if i won!

  90. Diana says:

    Such fabulous goodies
    I can’t even stand it.
    As a new quilter
    I hope I can land it!

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