Marking the Year with Quilts (and a Giveaway!)

Happy Friday! The weather here in Northern California is lovely, and the sunflowers are dancing in the garden. Is it possible to look into the face of a sunflower in full bloom and not smile? I don’t think so!

Sunflower 2

A sunflower peeks out from amongst the zinnias. Wouldn't this make a lovely quilt?

A sunflower peeks out from amongst the zinnias. Wouldn’t this make a lovely quilt?

On the subject of happy, I’ve been loving your comments in response to Laura’s recent post, and to her question: “what causes you to do the ‘happy dance?'” The answers are creative and diverse, and I suspect we can see some of ourselves in all of them. Have a look–there is still time to comment for a chance to win the brand-new edition of Laura and Diana McClun’s classic book, Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!, which comes out in October.

I’ve been doing a bit of the happy dance myself these days: I’ve just received a copy of the Spanish-language version of A Year in the Life of Sunbonnet Sue! Not only is Sue, co-written with my friend, Chris Porter, now in its third printing at Martingale & Company, but it has been acquired by a European publisher, translated, and released as Un Ano en la Vida de Sunbonnet Sue.

The Spanish-language version of A Year in the Life of Sunbonnet Sue

The Spanish-language version of A Year in the Life of Sunbonnet Sue

The contents of the book remain the same, with the exception of the translation, of course. Only the cover is different. What fun to see Sue “enamorada” (February), experiencing “locura de marzo” (March), “en la playa” (August), and enjoying all the rest of her year-round activities!

The patterns and instructions are the same. Only the cover is different.

The patterns and instructions are the same. Only the cover is different.

If that weren’t enough reason to celebrate, I’ve also learned that Ladybug! Ladybug!, one of the quilts from Chris’s and my second book, Cuddle Me Quick, has been chosen to represent the month of June in That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2014, which publishes on August 13.

Ladybug! Ladybug!, designed and made by Darra Williamson, machine quilted by Chris Porter

Ladybug! Ladybug!, designed and made by Darra Williamson, machine quilted by Chris Porter

This promises to be even better than your average quilt calendar. It includes 12 specially selected quilts by designers such as Amy Ellis (featured in Jennifer’s June 11 post), Kim Diehl, and Sally Schneider, PLUS a pullout booklet with step-by-step instructions for each quilt.

That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2014, available in August

That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2014, available in August

1-Giveaway IconAll this good news makes me want to give something away. How about a year of quilted eye candy? Leave a comment below by midnight (PDT) Wednesday, July 31, telling us which is your favorite month of the year and why, and you’ll be eligible to win a copy of That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2014 as soon as it rolls off the presses next month. The winner will be announced in our August 2 post.

That’s it for now. ‘Til next time, happy stitching . . . and keep dancing!


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78 Responses to Marking the Year with Quilts (and a Giveaway!)

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  2. Judy Allen says:

    My favorite month is February. My birthday is in February. And I love getting cards and gifts. I enjoy sending Valentines and making heart themed table runners and other gifts.

  3. claire says:

    I love July! It is my birthday month plus seems like everyone is able to get away for a vacation. And who doesn’t love fireworks and watermelon?

  4. Beth says:

    My kids would tell you that I have difficulty making up my mind but… I think that I can find something’s fun about every month. Since August is coming up and school is starting, I love new pencils, book bags and just a new school year full of promise. But then there is October with Halloween. I love the kids coming to my door all dressed up. Also the memory of making costumes for my daughters. I could keep going but will spare you.

  5. Susan Stanton says:

    My favorite month is May! Not only is it my birth month, but my spring garden is in full bloom and the warblers are passing by on their return morth. It’s just hard to stay inside and quilt when the warm air is stirring and calling you outdoors!

  6. Bev Aguilar says:

    This took little thought for me. November is my favorite month because it is the month I married mt best friend. That was 52 years ago and looking forward to many more! And it is Thanksgiving so I have mucg to be thankful for in November! Thank you for asking!

  7. Darlene Krystal says:

    I love Halloween…October…definitely the best month of the year….it’s got all my favorite colors in it….and I love making wintery quilt blocks during that month…because I get such great shadows in the October Moon light….have a great quilting day…..

  8. goonyburd says:

    My favorite month is November – Thanksgiving, cooler weather, sometimes cold weather, and being able to use my fireplace!

  9. LindaLouB says:

    I think October is my favorite month. The air is crisp and clear, the fall leaves are beautiful, cool evenings are perfect for quilting… and it’s my birthday:-)

  10. My favorite month is May. I turn a year older in May and every year I am thankful for turning older and for being more pleased with who I am and what I can do. With age comes wisdom, you find that you care less about the things that really don’t matter and more about the things that do.

  11. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I love July with the fireworks and bar-b-ques and my birthday too! :P

  12. Mrs. Plum says:

    How interesting that October is the favorite for so many people! It is my favorite as well, because of the colors. Love those rust, golds, and forest greens! I also met my husband of 36 years in October.

  13. Theresa Early says:

    October is definitely my favorite month. Not only is my birthday in October, but you cannot imagine a more beutiful place than the West Jefferson/ Boone, NC area in October. (Yes, former home to Darrra!) Crisp air, moderate temperatures, BEAUTIFUL color on the trees, country fairs. Just wonderful!

  14. Molly says:

    Go October! Crisp mornings; warm, sunny afternoons; energizing colors everywhere! And it’s the month that is slowest at my job so I can take vacation time and enjoy going to the fall craft fairs :)

  15. Beth s says:

    My favorite month is probably May – love the longer days, the planting of flowers and not so hot weather yet.

  16. Debbie says:

    My favorite month is September. The garden is still producing, but it is cool enough outside to get a lot of work done in preparation for winter. I really love all of the Fall months.

  17. My favorite month is August because its my birthday month and my bf allows me to stock up and any craft supplies that I need without any sighs or complaints about storage lol I then have the cold winter to organize and sort all my things! I love it!!
    I’m currently a beginner quilter and would just be beyond excited if I won this patterned calendar! :)thanks for a fun giveaway ! Best of luck to everyone <3

  18. Carolyn says:

    As we are in South Africa, my favorite month has to be January. The weather has settled, the wind has stopped, the rain is falling drenching the hot dry earth and we are in the middle of summer. And it’s my birth month. How could it not be my fave! Thank you for the chance to win this lovely calender.

  19. Kathy Renz says:

    My favorite month is now and always has been July. It’s my birth month and I loved that I never had to go to school on my birthday. I’m still loving that since I am now a teacher.

  20. Diane Harris says:

    March. Definitely March, when the trees go into bloom and the days are warming. Almost as nice as October, when the heat of the long, hot AZ summer finally departs! LOVE the fall season, when I feel my creative juices begin to flow again. Time to get back to quilting!

  21. Nora says:

    My favorite month of the year is October. The Fall leaves are so beautiful and the evenings crisp and chilly. I want to be inside in the warmth and hand quilt.

  22. Cecilia says:

    I would have to say that October is my favorite month because that is my wedding anniversary month. I made the best decision of my life in October. Also, the weather is pleasant and it is the calm before the holidays. Thank you for the chance to win.

  23. My favorite month is September, cooler days but warm enough to paddle and nice enough to hike the trails.


  24. LeAnne L says:

    December — I love Christmastime. The shopping, the baked goods, the decorations, all of it.

  25. Audrey Pearson says:

    JANUARY! I love January! I live in northern NY and January is cold cold cold. Wooddtove cranking inside. A perfect time to snuggle inside with a glass of wine and my sewing! No schedule, just sewing to relax. Ahhhhh

  26. Audrey says:

    October is my favorite month because I love the spectacular color show of the changing leaves.

  27. barbara woods says:

    August because it the month we got married

  28. Therese says:

    November is my favorite month! Lots of family birthdays, including mine, Thanksgiving, and I’m getting my sewing/quilting finished for Christmas!

  29. My favorite month is October because I enjoy the bounty of the fall vegetables and fruits – pumpkins, apples, concord grapes and winter squash. I love visiting local farmer’s stands and purchasing fresh from them. I am also lucky enough to live in the North East, where the beautiful colors of autumn fill the sky and landscape!

  30. Sally MB says:

    October is my favorite as the colors of our trees here in the Northeast have turned completely. Is it any wonder that my stash has so many of these colors?

  31. Rosemary says:

    My favorite month is July for health reasons. I am allergic to so many weeds, tree, and grasses that July seem to be the month when pollens are at their lowest and I am feeling the best. In August through May/June I have varying levels of allergic symptoms so I am confined to home to sew/quilt/bake, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily. It’s just frustrating sometime to not always feel your best!

  32. Phyllis M. says:

    I would have to say my Favorite Month is “July” because we get to celebrate the birth of our nation with the Wonderful Colors of Our County’s Flag…. Red, White and Blue. Those three colors represent to me, Honor, Courage, and Freedom. Having served over 26 years in the military, there’s not any other color combinations that stirs up more emotions in me and regardless of how many quilts I see in these three beautiful colors… I will always take a second and third look at these quilts and think “What a Great Nation we live in”.

  33. Brita says:

    Interesting that October is a favorite month for so many! It certainly is mine, the first chilly morning is what I love! Pretty calendar, I’d love to win.

  34. Jay says:

    Nothing’s better than September, the crisp summer days giving way to fall…and MY BIRTHDAY! For many years my birthday was marked by the first exuberant day of school, first as a student, then as a mother sending little ones, then as a teacher welcoming them. In retirement, the first day of school is still nostalgic.

  35. VickiT says:

    That’s a tough question because there are a number of months I could say are my favorite. I think that possibly it would be May because my entire row of Lilacs are in full bloom and make the entire house smell wonderful. Also, because it’s Mother’s Day during May which means I will hear from all my grown children it not see them all to celebrate me still being alive after raising all three of those boys. LOL OK maybe they aren’t thinking that way and just want to talk to their Momma. :)

  36. My favorite month must be Cctober when I am getting ready to go to Arizona for the winter. I sort thru my fabric and ufos making plans for what I will work on for the next 5 months. I always take too much and leave something vital at home. But I have the best time reviewing my accomplishments and planning my winter projects.

  37. kathie L says:

    I love May when the flowers begin to bloom.

  38. Kathryn says:

    I love October the days are just cool enough for a sweatshirt and the colors of the leaves changing are beautiful

  39. CJ Reed says:

    I love October. Just the thought of cooler weather and the first fire of the year make me happy.

  40. Sharon Bozman says:

    October is my favorite month. The start of Fall (my favorite season) and the weather starting to turn.

  41. Susan P says:

    January is one of my favorite months since I learned to quilt. I get to work on my quilts more since the holidays are over and I get to stay inside with my machine. I definitely want that calendar!!

  42. Brenda says:

    December is a time for getting cozy under a quilt in front of a roaring fire. The cookie exchanges & luncheons are ongoing … our Christmas Eve dinner is always a mystery for family & friends, as I choose a different region of the world each year & experiment with their flavors and recipes.

  43. xiomara58 says:

    Feliz dìa. Mi mes favorito es Diciembre, ya que en las festividades de Navidad y Año Nuevo nos reunimos en familia y compartimos nuestras alegrías, hacemos intercambios de regalos y la cena con los alimentos propios de las costumbres venezolanas. Vivo muy lejos de ellos y por eso es muy importante ese mes para mi, al igual que para mis hijos

    • Jennifer says:

      Hola venezolana! Vivi en venezuela cuando fue chica. Tengo buen recuerdos de el día de los reyes y otras festividades de Navidad en Caracas. Me agradezco su visita a nuestro blog.

  44. Kathy Borger says:

    September is my favorite month … just the beginning of fall. The cool, crisp air is so refreshing after hot summer months and with the cooler weather comes more time to cuddle up with a cozy quilt at night gazing up at the stars.

  45. Tami Chaulk says:

    I love November. Both my daughter and my father were born in November. But, probably the biggest reason that I love November is because Thanksgiving comes in that month and I have so much to be thankful for.

  46. Diana Cruz says:

    July would be my favorite month of the year. It includes mine, my husbands and my sisters birthday, all the same day and it also is the month that I spend a week on Orcas Island, which is my most favorite place to be. I am on Orcas Island as I write this and it has been a wonderful week. So sad to see it end tomorrow.

  47. Pam says:

    June, of course – the end of the school year!! (I work in the schools, can you tell?) ;)

  48. Shauna says:

    I love April, we don’t get much spring here in Texas, but normally April is a mild month for weather, and everything is blooming

  49. Sharla T says:

    I love December, the holidays hectic as they are, always make me happy.!!!!!

  50. Judy W says:

    Oh no contest at all…June would be my favorite month as I love Ladybug quilts and this one is especially charming!

  51. donna keating says:

    Fall. Cooler weather, Halloween, Fall fabric colors.

  52. Deborah says:

    Have to admit my favorite month is April, which happens to be my birthday month. I love spring and all the flowers.

  53. Marilyn Chapman says:

    I choose May…It means the grey of Oregon is gone for now. The whole earth bursts into
    bloom. The days get longer – 9:30 pm in our area! Neighbors our out and about and
    friendliness warms the heart!

  54. Terry says:

    August is my favorite month…sunshine, longer days and no snow :)

  55. Cathy Gunstone says:

    I love August because the weather is usually at its Puget Sound best and the mountains and wildflowers are glorious.

  56. I love October. I love Halloween and fall time. I love to see the pumpkins and the mums flowers. I love the slight chill in the air and the smell of fireplace smoke in the air. And I love to decorate and see decorations for Halloween and fall. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  57. mellonquilts says:

    October is my special month. The month I met my husband of 45 years. And on a current note, October in the Southern California desert is perfect. The days are warm and the evenings cool.

  58. Vicki H says:

    I like April, I get the flower beds all cleaned out and ready for the spring flowers to emerge.

  59. elle says:

    Probably September. The heat and busyness of summer are diminishing and the weather is usually lovely. Slower pace means it is back into the playroom!

  60. Elaine says:

    I love October when the heat of the summer is abating (I live in So Cali where it can be hot until Halloween). There is a bite to the night air and the hustle of Christmas is not upon us quite yet.

  61. annye says:

    Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, April is my favorite–the days start to get longer, sun appears again sometimes, and the grey starts to disappear–it perks up my spirits.

  62. Peggy O'Connor says:

    I love December, it is a time of celebration and reflection for me.

  63. September! It is the start of a “New (school) year” I make resolutions for myself and my students! A new start, back to a familiar routine and anticipation of the coming holiday season, a chance for fresh start!

  64. Nancy van Landingham says:

    AUGUST … My birthday month … I will be 71 and I am happy to know the world needs aging quilters …

  65. I have wanted a quilt calendar for a long time…October is a great month! Birthday, yes, but so much more. Great weather. Beautiful colors.

  66. My favorite month would have to be July because it is the best month on the lake – so much swimming, boating and fishing – it is the perfect time of the year!

  67. Sheila says:

    I love September , the weather is lovely , the Colors fantastic , and two of my sons were born in this month . Thanks for the chance ,

  68. July! That is when the heat dies down for us. And the monsoon arrives greening the earth, the flowers and the the birds and all creatures seem to rejoice. July definitely!

  69. Sally Dixon says:

    My favorite month is October. I love “pumpkin time” and all the Fall colors. And it’s my birthday month!

  70. mjkasz says:

    I would pick August as my favorite month it is the month I married the best man in the world for me 44 years ago. By the way we met when I bought my first sewing machine, a Singer, and he carried it to my car. He ask me out and we have been together ever since. August was special to me for the start of school meant an opportunity to share my love of sewing with a new group of teens for 43 years and I enjoyed everyone of them. I am now retired and getting more time to quilt for my family and enjoy learning new techniques all the time. Sorry so long, Life is Good!

  71. Mar says:

    I’ll go with September, when the heat of summer is done, and the leaves begin their transformations to yellow. red. and all the colors between!

  72. cindyandroy says:

    Hi! My favorite month is December, the month celebrating Christ’s birth, and a good month for giving and cuddling under quilts.

  73. Jane from MA says:

    Hi – My favorite month of the year is May. It is the month which precedes June – which I know is the beginning of summer. It means summer is near. Once June comes – I know we already begin counting down summer days – I guess I love anticipation. Maybe that’s what gives quilters, sewers, and embroiderers the “keep on going” when things aren’t looking so good. We know soon –
    we will have a finished product. Thanks for the chance.

  74. Evelyn says:

    My favorite month is June — time to enjoy the pleasant weather of early summer before the heat kicks into high gear.

  75. Marty Askins says:

    July is my favorite month of the year – it marks the half way point for the year and we celebrate Independence Day, which also is one of the biggest parade date for the Shriners to parade in.

  76. Linda Vanderbaan says:

    I think my favorite month of the year is May when spring perennials burst into life and flower.

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