Another Wedding Update and a Giveaway too!

There is so much to share with you today, but I promised myself I would limit it to just two items. I’m sure I’ll have many more updates next month.

First, I want you to see the lovely robes I am making for my daughter and her  bridesmaids. They will wear them while getting ready for the big event. Can’t wait to see those photos! The one on the left is for my daughter. I used a Michael Miller fabric, Pattern #CX6056, Darling Mums. The bridesmaids are made from Rosewater #PWVM 109 Garden Romance by Verna Mosquera. It is Verna’s new fabric line for Free Spirit/Westminster Fibers.



I will be making a smaller version for the adorable little flower girl. Think I will add   some ruffles to make it a little different. For that one I’ll be using one of Verna’s coordinating fabrics, Rose Wreath #PWVM111.

brooklyn While working on the robes I saw a sample of an attractive “modern” robe on display in my local quilt shop, The Cotton Patch. The kimono style and all the professional details caught my eye. I had been searching for a gift idea for Carol van Zandt who helped me with the fabric designed for Diana McClun (see my last post).  I tried on the store sample and just loved the fit; it is both flattering and comfy.


The pattern has instructions for a variety  of sizes, both for women and men. There are many wonderful details that make this robe special:  a stand-up collar, side seam pockets, a hanging loop, inside ties, reinforced facings AND there are no set-in seams! Knowing that my time was limited with travel and wedding preparations, I decided to make the robe for Carol, but planned to eliminate a few of those extra details. During construction I found myself enjoying the design and sewing process so much that I decided not to skip one single step. It is simply wonderful just as Marina MacDonald has designed it. Being particular about patterns, I must say that I was extremely pleased with the clarity and thoroughness of her instructions. They are well written and include easy-to-follow diagrams. I wrote to Marina and told her how much I loved the robe and that I planned to write about it in a future blog post. She has graciously offered patterns to two of our lucky readers. Although this robe looks wonderful in Asian-inspired fabrics, it can take take on a thoroughly modern look with today’s fabrics. Please visit Marina’s website to see more examples of this lovely design.

If you would like an opportunity to win one of the two patterns, simply leave a comment telling us what fabrics you would use to make your Modern Robe. The cut off date for comments is the end of day, May 12, and winners will be announced in Pati’s post on May 13.

Oh my! Molly’s invitations arrived yesterday and she is over the top excited with them. Ahh, love the polka dot lining AND the scallops! Guess this little apple didn’t fall far from the tree. She is definitely her mother’s daughter.


I’m so taken with all the creativity and resources available today to help bring that personal touch to every wedding detail. Online design sites have an abundance of samples, inspiration, and templates to assist in personalizing cards and invitations.  Molly wants the addresses to be hand lettered and, since neither of us do calligraphy, she used her techie know-how to reproduce Old World lettering. Who would have thought? Cheating?  Perhaps, but oh so fun and pretty!

Invites11-Giveaway IconCan you tell I’m excited? It’s ALL so much fun. Many thanks for letting me share with you. Please remember to add a comment if you are interested in one of the Modern Robe patterns.

Until next time, happy creating everyone!




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79 Responses to Another Wedding Update and a Giveaway too!

  1. Hi Laura, I’m so glad you enjoyed making the Modern Robe pattern. Your robe turned out beautifully. Thanks for featuring it at See How We Sew, and thanks for your always-inspiring posts ! ~Marina

  2. Marion Bryant-Parsons says:

    I would use Japanese type Batik Tie-Die fabric ,different colours but the main pattern through them would be the same. Wouldn’t the robes look beautiful in Satin, pity about the cost though,just a thought.

  3. Susan Greene says:

    Love the kimono pattern! I’m always looking for a comfy robe that packs well, and this may just be it. The problem will be choosing from my stash of large-scale Asian fabrics to make it with!!

  4. Debbie says:

    I love the rose prints chosen for your daughter’s wedding party robes! I have yardage of an older Hoffman rose print in my stash that was being saved for that “special someday” project and would be great. It has aged to perfection and is now ready to be used in this fabulous robe-thanks for the chance to win the pattern!

  5. Debbie says:

    Such a nice gift for the bridesmaids, Laura! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. I’d like to try making some “made” fabric, using strips of the many batiks in my stash. They would work well with the shape of this pattern.

  6. Cecilia says:

    Beautiful robes! I love the idea of making them for the bride and brides maids. I would have to make one from polka dots! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win.

  7. Kathy Renz says:

    I love your idea of making robes for the women of the wedding party. I want to remember that when my daughters get married someday.
    I would use kaleidoscope fabrics from my favorite designer, Paula Nadelstern.

  8. Gail Sheirbon says:


    Where can I get the pattern?



  9. Michelle says:

    I’m not sure which I would use FIRST, as I want to make more than one!

  10. Debbie Sedberry says:

    I would use polka dots: sure to put a smile on the wearer’s face every time she uses it!

  11. Kelly Hughes says:

    I love the African Inspired fabric! Those would be amazing :)

  12. kathleen king says:

    I love the robe, would certainly use the pattern!

  13. Pat T. says:

    Thank you, Laura, for sharing your SO exciting ideas!! Love seeing all the wedding plans/ideas!
    And, thank you for introducing me to Marina’s work and website! I am so inspired by your robe choices, and Marina’s designs! (I’m drawn to her robes made with men’s silk shirts and recycled skirts and dresses!)
    Laura, you have given me a whole new plan for my family’s gifts this year!… I see a LOT of new robes in my future… Starting with one for my daughter, in a fabric from Rashida Coleman-Hale’s Koi collection (Cloud9 organic)… Perhaps her “The Way of Flowers” with a tie in “Don’t Be Koi”??… Or the other way around?? (Oh, my!! The possibilities!!!)
    Thank you, Laura!
    You never fail to inspire me!
    Pat T.
    in Michigan

  14. Donna Barth says:

    You’ve done it again, Laura. Just when I promised myself to complete my quilting UFO’s before going off on yet another another tangent, and after I’ve forgone sewing clothing, you introduce us to an irresistible pattern and I’m mentally making a list of robes to make. (I’d better write them down so I remember in the morning!). I’m mentally thinking “theme” robes for the family from sports’ prints (I’ll need a bolt of ’49er print) or other hobbies, robes for upcoming quilt retreat roommates, and for me a special robe using raw silk a Navy friend brought my mother years’ ago after a tour of Asia, which she never used, combining it with a couple of my favorite Hawaiian shirts my late father loved. Wouldn’t they make a welcome pre-surgery or get well gift, also? Also wondering about a long one of fleece. Hmmm. Will I ever have time to quilt again? I’m filing away in my brain the fabulous ideas you and your daughter are coming up with – after all, I still have a single son!

  15. What a great idea for a wedding party — robes for while they’re getting ready to dress! I’d love to make that pattern up in one of Loni Rossi’s lovely Asian-looking prints. Maybe her dark blue with gold bamboo. It would be lovely!

  16. mjkasz says:

    I would love to make these for hubby and I from Tapa print fabric since we live in Paradise.

  17. ajs mom says:

    What a great gift for wedding party that has to travel. The robes can be made with lightweight washable satin that packs well but are so elegant. Can’t wait till I am able to help with a wedding! You inspire me!

  18. Cathy says:

    I would make my robe in one of the beautiful blue and yellow floral fabrics at my local quilt shop.

  19. Katina Chapman says:

    So excited. Kaffe is going to be in Halifax in July and I have a ticket to see him. So…if I won the pattern then I would make it in Kaffe fabric which could be a treasure hunt since I have never seen it for sale here.

  20. Wehaf says:

    I have some vintage sheets that would be perfect for the kimono robe!

  21. susie says:

    what a perfect robe. in a dream universe where i am a better sewer than i am, and wealthier i am, i would make this robe in a heavy silk (and longer). in the real world. i’d use a traditional japanese yukata fabric.

    • Laura Nownes says:

      Yes! Yes!! Yes!! This is exactly what I would do for myself. The pattern comes in a longer length so I think you should make it.

  22. Harriette says:

    You are a great Mom! Those robes were beautiful, I’m sure. If I was to make a robe, I would use Kaffe Fassett fabric with a coordinating sash.

    • Laura Nownes says:

      Thanks so much. Just having fun. The sample robe I tried on at the shop was made from Kaffe fabrics. It was fabulous.

  23. Elaine says:

    Laura, what a wonderful time in your life and the memories for your daughter. Enjoy the time. Good time to begin a journal that on the first anniversary would make a great gift. Thanks for being so special in sharing and giving inspiration to others.

    • Laura Nownes says:

      Perfect idea, Elaine. I am collecting all the little mementos. It would be fun to include them in a book. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Shari Lynn says:

    Love the modern robe. Of curse I’m into Asian fabrics so that’s what I would go for.

  25. Linda Fleming says:

    The robes you made are so beautiful!
    With the kimono pattern I would use “Shimmer” fabrics by Jennifer Sampou – the light one with wheel spokes for myself and one of the wavy grey/taupe stripe for my husband.

    • Laura Nownes says:

      Oh that sounds like fun. I’m not sure my hubby would wear one but might ask. I do love Jennifer Sampou’s new Shimmer line and think it would be perfect.

  26. Laurel says:

    Love the robe and the pattern. I think I would try and find some Japanese inspired fabric and make one for my sister who lived in Japan for a couple of years.

  27. Give aways are so fun, and I really DO need a new robe!

  28. Jean says:

    I love the pattern. I haven’t done any clothes sewing yet (I’m a quilter) this looks like a nice pattern. I won’t need to worry about fit. I think I would look for an oriental Sakura print.

  29. Ellen says:

    Love the pattern. I would make it out of some floral fabric I have in my stash. But also have some oriental print that I would also make one out of for a gift.

  30. Betty Larson says:

    I would use some of the large print or polka dot fabric in my stash, as it looks like it would help use up a bunch!

  31. Lainie Little says:

    What fabric wouldn’t look wonderful in the modernrobe pattern? I’d like to make one with Rosewater by Verna Mosquera that you are using for the bridesmaids’s robes. Also, I might look for a print from a French General line. The choices are endless!

  32. Gail Sheirbon says:

    Love the robe and the fabric. But if I don’t win, how do I get the pattern? I want to make some for my daughters and granddaughter (and me)!

  33. ireneshooter says:

    I would love the robe pattern, I have a stash of fabric with little pink roses on a black background, would use that for my robe. Love your blog Laura!

    • Laura Nownes says:

      Thanks Irene! Oh yes, there are so many wonderful fabric choices available to us. Perhaps I need one for every day!

  34. Sorchagirl says:

    I’m enjoying the posts about your daughter’s wedding, Laura. I have a granddaughter that would love this robe. She has been interested in the culture of Japan since her early high-school days. Her favorite color is purple and perhaps, one of the elegant prints in Plum Sweet by Blackbird Designs would make a good choice. Thanks for a chance to win a pattern!

  35. Ssgirl says:

    I have some beautifull rayon batik fabric which I hand printed at a factory in Bali. I was on a fiber tour and we learned to batik our own fabric, this pattern would be perfect!

    • Laura Nownes says:

      Oh lucky you! This sounds like so much fun. Hope you make the robe as I’m sure it will be wonderful.

  36. elle says:

    What a wonderfully thoughtful gift for the occasion!

  37. Barbara says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures. The robes are a wonderful idea for the bridal party.

  38. Jill says:

    The robes are beautiful! I bought Asian fabric a few years again to make myself a robe and have not found the perfect pattern until now! Who knew that I would find it right here on your blog?
    The invitations are so special!

  39. Rosemary says:

    I love, love, love Asian fabrics and that turquoise is “to die for.” What a beautiful creation! As a child we had family stationed overseas who sent us Kimonos made from silk. I don’t recall what my mother did with them but I would love to have them now. They were so great to wear with those funny little sox with the toes separated.

  40. I’m so happy to know about this pattern! I would use Kafde Fassett’s KF07 Picotte Poppies Blue. Thank you! Love the bridesmaid gifts idea too.

  41. Ardath Brandley says:

    I like the asian look of the robe pictured, and would look for a similar fabric.

  42. duff says:

    I have a kimono-style robe that just ripped after 15 years of good use and have been looking for a good pattern because the style is perfect for me. The fabric line Up Parasol by Heather Bailey is available for pre-orders, so I think the Mockingbird fabric with a plaid or trellis accent would be delicious! ( has it)
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  43. I would make the robe out of Anna Maria Horner’s new Pretty Potent fabric.

  44. Mary says:

    I love robes and I would love this pattern for a belated Mother’s Day gift. Your wedding robes are gorgeous. The gals will be delighted and, yes, a picture of them together will be beautiful. I hope you can share that picture. Thanks Laura we are enjoying your fun and excitement!

  45. Wanda Dotson says:

    I have this City Girl fabric with bras and such on it. It would make a great robe, but I’m in love with the fabric you used. Maybe I could make two!

  46. sellison18 says:

    Wonderful pattern! I’d make it in dotted fabric.

  47. kathy says:

    What a cute robe. Would love to make it in Japanese style fabric. Thanks for the chance.

  48. Diane says:

    I would make mine in a warm, cozy flannel. There are so many gorgeous flannels available now.

  49. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    Oh, I need a robe to take on vacation with me this summer. This would be perfect! I think I would use Michael Miller’s Springtime in Paris for this and use a solid pink for the tie.

    The ones you made for the bridesmaids are great, too!

  50. Mar says:

    I would make a robe in the first floral I find similar to what you used, Laura. Gorgeous and what a great idea for the wedding.

  51. walkerlady says:

    I’ve been thinking that my husband needed a new summer robe for a long time now. I have been looking for the perfect one and have yet to find it. THIS pattern, however, would work just fine. I have a Quilter’s Stash of fabrics to choose from too. I could make a musical themed robe as my husband is a musician! Maybe I hadn’t found a ready-made robe because I was destined to win one of these patterns so I could make him a unique robe? Hmmmmm? :D

  52. Karen Duling says:

    I love the robe pattern and would love to make a robe for myself and one for my daughter for Christmas. I have a stash of floral fabrics from a collection called Blythe by Rebecca Bischoff that would be perfect, Thanks for the chance to win the pattern!

  53. kay says:

    Oh my! I love this kimono-style robe! After browsing her blog and seeing it made up in so many different fabrics (and especially intrigued by her use of reclaimed clothing), I think I would use fabric from French General’s Rue Indienne (to be available this fall, I think). But I would probably have to make a few more in other fabrics too…

  54. Sheila says:

    Love the robes you have made and I would love to win this pattern Great style and if I did sin I think Asian style fabric would be my choice ,thanks for the chance .

  55. Brita says:

    This pattern is so cool, and I’d make it in something casual. Thinking of being able to grab it to put on over jeans and run out the door to do errands. Maybe a Tanya Whelan big print, or chambray.

  56. Jill says:

    What lovely robes you havd made! A friend gifted me a piece of silk from her trip to Japan years ago and this robe would be the perfect project! Thank you for the opportunity, and continue to have fun with the wedding!

  57. Debra says:

    I would have to visit my local quilt shop to pick out the fabric, but woud enjoy this for my daughter, mother and myself.

  58. kathie L says:

    I think any of Anna Marie Horner’s fabrics would look terrific with this pattern.

  59. Maryellen Mencimer says:

    Think it would be fun in one of the fabrics from the new Alex Anderson line.

  60. Beth says:

    After going to her blog I need to find an antique Hawaiian men’s shirt. I was beautiful! Coming back to reality I have some Kaffe fabric that would probably look pretty fantastic.

  61. JillB says:

    I’d definitely use Asian-themed fabric! By the way, I tried to go to the link ( ) to see other examples of the robe, but it goes to a “page not found”. If one wanted to purchase this pattern, where could it be found? Thanks for any information you can provide!

    • Beth says:

      I just googled modern robe and found it! Oh boy you should see her post.

      • JillB says:

        Thank you for this! I don’t know how I overlooked the obvious, but I did! And wow! The possibilities are endless! I really hope I win one of the patterns since I live in France and can’t buy it from a dealer. :)

    • Laura Nownes says:

      Sorry about the problem with the link. I’m hoping I have it fixed now.

  62. Beth T. says:

    I think it would be great made in Martha Negley’s rose fabric, one of my all-time favorites.

  63. Joan says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I would use my leftover Bonnie and Camille fabric.

    • Lois says:

      I would use Kaffe fabrics as who wouldn’t want to start the day or end their day with beautiful colors and designs?

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