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Hari-Kuyo – The Ceremony of Broken Needles

In Japan, the Hari-Kuyo ceremony is held throughout Japan annually on the 8th of February. This 400-year-old tradition is held at Shinto Shrines and Buddhist temples as a celebration of the small tools used by seamstresses, embroiderers, and housewives over … Continue reading

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Featherweight Fan Club – Part 2

I promised to share a few stories with you about Featherweights. Here is mine: I wanted to buy a featherweight for all the right reasons – I wanted something that I could leave packed up and ready to wheel off … Continue reading

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Sprucing Up Your Sewing Space: A Design Wall Dream Come True!

Something wonderful happened last weekend in my sewing room, and I’m so excited, I just had to share. I now have a real-live, large, and permanent design wall! For years, given the space constraints of my combined sewing room/office (and occasional … Continue reading

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Attention Quilters: Winner Takes All in BIG Mid-Year Giveaway!

Since we launched See How We Sew back in the spring of 2011, many quilt- and sewing-related companies and individuals have been extremely generous in donating fabulous books, fabrics, patterns, and notions to be used as giveaways in our various posts. In fact, … Continue reading

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Introducing Reverse-a-Rulers™, Grrrip-It® and a Giveaway

For the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Richard Quint of Quint Measuring Systems to develop a new line of rulers for the quilting and sewing industry. Richard’s company has been a leading manufacturer of precision … Continue reading

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Clip, Snip, Slice–Seam Rippers in the Spotlight

Today the subject is Seam Rippers—in my head I hear Shirley Bassey singing seeeeam rippah ala the Goldfinger soundtrack as I type this post . . . perhaps I spent too much time at work today database mining? After a none-too-rigorous Google … Continue reading

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From the Three of Us: Running with Scissors (+ a Special Anniversary Giveaway)

Technology has changed our lives in many places,  the sewing room among them. We 21st-century stitchers are beneficiaries of so many advances: computerized sewing machines; accurate and sturdy rulers for every conceivable use;  instruction available 24/7 via the ‘net. In the … Continue reading

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A May Garden of Fun Little Fabric Flowers and a Giveaway

Check out these charming yo-yo flowers – aren’t they cute? They’re surprisingly fast and easy to make using the Clover “Quick” Yo-Yo Maker (the tool size is flower shaped-large). To make a yo-yo, all you need is the tool, a 5½” square of … Continue reading

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Making Narrow Bias Tape: Perfect for Appliquéd Stems, Vines and More

While working on the stems for my class sample of the North Carolina Lily block this week, I was reminded how easy the process is with the help of a Clover Bias Tape Maker. My students were thrilled with the … Continue reading

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Sunny-Side Up—Vacation Therapy for a Color Addict

I’m a creature of sunlight, so that’s probably why my head’s so easily turned by bright colors. It doesn’t matter if it’s fabric, flowers, or food, it’s the colors that lure me. So it’s no wonder that my souvenirs of … Continue reading

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