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19 Responses to Gallery

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  5. Dallas Reed says:

    I have around 30 African themed quilts and just found about this today. Sorry!

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  7. I like your quilted artworks,they are amazingly inspiring…

    • Jennifer says:

      Many thanks Sicelo for your kind words. Your website is remarkable and wonderful! I enjoyed seeing your art. What you do could so easily translate to quilted form.

  8. Cris Barry says:

    The quilts are breathtakingly beautiful! I’m in awe of the talent and creative minds of each quilter. Thank you for the opportunity to a part of this amazing group of artists.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hello Cris, how could we not include your fabulous quilt? I’m going to Wooden Gate in Danville to see if Marby has more African print jelly rolls! Thanks for being a part of the show!

    • Paula says:

      Hi Cris,
      Your quilt is wonderful! Thanks for being part of the Gallery! I hadn’t thought of an African fabric jelly roll, but you certainly inspired us all with what you did with yours—now I want one too!!

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  10. Suzanne Cross says:

    Where is this Gallery opening happening?

    • Jennifer says:

      On your computer! Click the Gallery tab at the top of our landing page at the See How We Sew blog and scroll through the quilts. How easy is that?

      • Jennifer says:

        Oh yes, important note, the Gallery opens on Friday, September 28. Paula and I are still curating the exhibit.

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