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An Afternoon of Fabric Play = Five Easy Pieces!

Today I just felt like sewing. Nothing large, or complex. Just something that would let me play with fabric, and that I could start and finish in an hour or so. A summer or two ago, we decided to plant “a … Continue reading

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For Valentine’s Day and Beyond: Capture Mementos (and Memories) with a Nostalgic “Pocket” Pillow

Some sources say that it was Henry VIII who, in 1537, settled the English celebration of Valentine’s Day upon February 14–by Royal Charter, no less. At the time, he was married to his third wife, Jane Seymour. Jane, who was expecting, ultimately produced the long-awaited male heir, marking one of … Continue reading

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A Heart-y Hello from See How We Sew Along with a Giveaway!

It’s that time of year again when we can plunder our stashes for all things pink and red in the name of fondness, friendship, and love. Just in case you want to know why we celebrate February 14 with representations … Continue reading

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Candace Kling, Masterful Manipulator of Fabric & Ribbon–Giveaway Today!

I don’t think it’s a secret here at the blog that I’ve got a case of floral love. I’ve a habit of posting flower photos when I blog and dancing around blossomy themes and colors in much of my work. Which makes … Continue reading

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Tiny Flower-Inspired Quilts: Design, Embellish, Display!

The rainy season has ended here in Northern California… …and those April showers–as always–have delivered a bounty of beautiful blossoms. How can I not be inspired? If flowers in the wild and in the garden aren’t inspirational enough, a visit … Continue reading

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Called up to the Big Leagues: The Empty Spools Seminars!

Hey, make no mistake, I’m very flattered and pleased to have gotten the call to teach at the Empty Spools Seminars in Pacific Grove, California, but like a rookie waiting for his first Major League pitch, I’m shaking in my … Continue reading

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Patchwork Beading: Where Handicrafts Collide Beautifully!

There are times like today when I feel more beady than thready. I’m thinking about shutting down the sewing machine, and zeroing in instead on my jewelry-making kit that’s hidden among the piles of craft and quilting junk littering my … Continue reading

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“Embellish” Your Memories with a Quilted Souvenir

  Summer is winding down in the Northern Hemisphere, but there’s still plenty of time to toss a couple of things in your bag and head off for a bit of R and R. Kitschy mementos abound, but what better way for … Continue reading

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Bust Quilter’s Block…and Boost Creativity

Wow! My April 22 post about quilter’s block really struck a chord! We had some terrific follow-up conversation about causes and solutions. If you haven’t already, do go back and read the comments..some great ideas (and wisdom) there. Congratulations to Sharie-Moss Bluff, winner of … Continue reading

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Celebrate Spring with a Basket Block

Spring is already springing here in Northern California, but even if warm weather is still a bit of a dream away in your part of the world, there’s nothing like that fresh, new palette, combined with delicate, feminine fabrics and a … Continue reading

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