Road Trip

As a quilter, one of my favorite things is going on road trips and checking out the quilt shops. For maximum pleasure, leave the family at home and go with your good friends.  I’m obsessed with seeking out every shop!  I used to think it was only me – but I’ve been around quilters enough to know I’m not alone.

Last week, four of us headed off for a few days in Las Vegas.  Who would’ve thought there would be great quilt shops in Las Vegas! My absolute favorite is Quiltique, located in Henderson, about 15 minutes from The Strip. I always look forward to visiting this charming shop, and I’ve never been disappointed.  If you’re into colorful, contemporary fabrics, you’ll love it!   They artfully display a plethora of fabrics, samples, books, patterns and notions.

I always find a fabric line I can’t live without at Quiltique.  This trip it was “Hab-i-tat” by Michele D’Amore for Benartex.  The combination of plaid, polka dots, stripes and the fabulous flowers in that yummy color palette was sheer bliss for me. I’ll let you know when I figure out what to do with it.


And check out three of the cutest pin cushions I’ve ever seen!  As a pattern designer, I wish I’d come up with these.  If you are in Las Vegas, be sure to visit Quiltique, or check out their website, the odds are you’ll come out a winner (this is Vegas after all).


We saw the new Cirque du Soleil show “Viva Elvis,” a tribute to the life and career of Elvis Presley.  It was lots of fun – music, acrobatics, and dance – very colorful.  Now I know where all the cute Olympic gymnasts go when their competition days are over.

There was a new shop in our hotel called “Sugar Factory.”  The name tells the story.  Letting me loose in a place like that (to quote my husband when I took a chocolate truffle making class) is like letting a drunk loose in the brewery.  Among the hundreds of fancy sweets were designer lollipops ($25) with different jeweled handles (good grief – a bit over my budget).  We passed on the lollipops, but managed to do a bit of damage (both to wallets and thighs) with cookies, cupcakes and candy….

We are good friends, and we had a great time enjoying something we love together.   I wish you safe travels with your favorite friends.


8 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. The trip sounds wonderful… and I’m sure there were lots of laughs. I’m anxious to see the nest Artichoke Collection pattern and sample quilts.

    The fabric was beautiful and the cupcakes were …. ah, bummer, there goes the diet!


  2. Hi Christie!
    I love Quiltique too! Aren’t they great folks with an eye for creativity and innovation?
    Ok, so I was in Vegas, Baby in January and how did I miss the cupcakes??!!
    Oh, I remember, I was with my husband. That will do it every time ; )


    1. Hi Annie,

      I knew there had to be lots more Quiltique fans among us!

      I totally understand the “husband” note (mine doesn’t eat carbs of any type so you can imagine how much fun he is when dining out). However, the cupcake shop only opened a month or so before our trip – so that may have been why you didn’t hear about it. Another vote for the “girlfriend” trips.



  3. Love your posting! Makes me want to go back, especially seeing the candy store! Can’t wait to see what you do with those wonderful new fabrics… maybe a new pattern for Artichoke Collection?


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