Designing Quilts One Grocery Bag At A Time

I’m having an insane color moment. Quite inadvertently, I’ve just color coordinated my groceries! Here’s another weird thing (as if matchy-matchy staples and produce aren’t enough), I’m wearing the complimentary hues to my monochromatic food purchases including a cobalt-blue leather purse (very cool, I admit), a turquoise linen jacket, and a blue-green paisley peasant top. And then, to add to the totally bizarre, I was in the check-out line behind my sons’ former middle school art teacher and tended by a cashier/art student who were as turned on by my serendipitous purchasing as a crew of card-carrying quilters.

Still just a little intoxicated by the insanity, I decided to ride the craziness and document my color dance.

Then, because my grown son had to comment on my excessive delight in my grocery display, I decided to evolve the moment photographically and compose a still life (without tortilla chips and ice cream). Perhaps, he who currently pays no rent should watch the snarky retorts?

I’m quite enchanted by the result. But that begs the question:  would I take the still life’s color story and make a quilt?

Photo by Kathy Kelley/quilted by Deb McPartland. Featured in the May 2009 McCalls Quick Quilts

Wouldn’t you know, I already had! That very color palette is in a quilt pattern I developed called Color Shotz using Kaffe Fassett’s shot cottons. At the time I was hot on the idea of designing mod quilts for extra-long twin college dorm beds that could easily be adapted to boys or girls. It’s challenging to find patterns that crossover easily between the sexes–especially for the one notoriously indifferent to dorm-room decor. (Someday I may confess to how I almost sabotaged Mr. Snarky’s freshman dorm experience with my Martha Stewart decorating zeal–not now, it’s too painfully fresh in my memory!)

Oh, yes, do you want to know where I dreamed up the color story for that quilt? My inspiration came from a necklace I made with Swarovski crystals and pearls.  Isn’t it funny how our explorations tend to take circular paths? I know I’m not the only looney out there fueling her creativity in oddball spots–share your tale and the most amusing one (vetted by my sister bloggers) wins a Color Shotz pattern.

(Deadline: Friday, April 22, 2011, noon P.S.T.)

23 thoughts on “Designing Quilts One Grocery Bag At A Time

  1. Congratulations !!! I’m not an expert but your blog is very nice and I wish you all the best for the future …. You’re a very talented woman !!


    1. I’m so happy you stopped by Mary Claire, thank you. Let’s talk about the Mancuso Brothers quilt show circuit in a future post.


  2. You are just too much fun, girlfriend. What an inspiration. I want colorful groceries, too. But wait, that might inspire me to start ANOTHER quilt. As long as I only design in my head or on paper. Don’t let me start pulling out fabric!

    Love the new blog ladies!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Cyndy–always love your input and your boundless quilting enthusiasm. I hope you’ll consider sharing some of your fabulous ideas on our blog.


  3. Min vän Jennifer-En sann konstnär med ett hjärta av guld, en mycket lyckad kombination! ( Swedish:)))

    My friend Jennifer-A true artist with a heart of gold, a very successful combination!


  4. hello Miss divine J,

    I think this is great that you are so creative besides being so talented with ballet movements.

    I think your blog is great and I will definitely visit often and I will let my creative friends and relatives know about this site- good luck to you and your fellow bloggers.

    Lisa K


  5. Wow. I love this blog. Your photos are beautiful and your post is really inspiring. The quilt is absolutely beautiful and certainly too elegant for any dorm room I have encountered….


    1. Hello Viv–Yeah! You stopped by for a visit! Thank you. Hey, we’ve gotta raise the tone of dorm styling. Did you see Maria Jesus dropped by from Pamplona?


  6. Only a truly creative soul would think of creating a still-life from the contents of a grocery bag! I’m impressed . . . and inspired.


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