Swept Off My Feet…by Fabric

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a beautiful new fabric comes your way and sweeps you off your feet. Here’s the one that took my breath away last week. Wow, I love all the clear colors, the fresh motifs…the peonies, the bonsai bridges. I want to be one of these ladies with their bright red lipstick, updos, and 21″ waistlines. (Can you guess that I enjoyed playing dress up when I was young?)

I’ve been drawn to Asian designs for several years and just can’t seem to get enough of them. This one is a fairly large-scale print, and prints this large often can be challenging to use. I could make it simple and just use it as a backing fabric. But cutting it up? Where would I begin?

As luck would have it, I will be teaching a Feathered Star workshop in a few months. Here is the sample I made about 15 years ago.

For some time, I’ve wanted to update and give this wonderful traditional block a new look, and decided to use my new fabric (Harajuku Peony by Alexander Henry) as the inspiration.  Soooo…I’ve enlarged the star, which allowed me a little more creativity. I’ve pulled a few fabrics I like from my stash and sewn a Split LeMoyne Star for the center. I’m quite pleased so far. What do you think?

Let’s see where this takes me. Check back in two weeks to see my progress.

One last thing. Remember these blocks from my last post?

Blocks for online demo.

Here is the finished quilt top. I demonstrated it on the C&T Publishing Digital Lounge last week. If you missed the show, you can watch a replay. Simply go to http://www.ctpubblog.com and scroll down to the May 19th post.

Until next time. Keep creating…..


13 thoughts on “Swept Off My Feet…by Fabric

  1. I would like to know where to get a feathered star pattern like the one shown May 31, 2011. It is gorgeous. I love the look of the finished project.


    1. HI Jan – so nice to hear from you! Don’t you just love this fabric? It should make a fabulous One Block Wonder quilt. Please send photos.
      Hope all is well and happy.


    1. Thanks Marieke.I couldn’t agree more. I just ordered more jelly rolls of this line. I have finished a second quilt and will have patterns available shortly. I can’t seem to get enough of these fabrics :). Would love to see anything you make with them.


      1. I just ordered 2 Terrain charm packs, and a Lil’ Twister template, and want to make a Twister pinwheel quilt with them. And maybe some Lil’ Twister doll quilts as gifts for people. Who knows what’ll happen when the rest of the fabric becomes available!


  2. I loved that fabric too, but wasn’t sure what to do with it. Love the idea of using it on a backing. Thanks Laura! Loved your star.


  3. what is it about the asian fabrics that are so addictive? gorgeous and inspiring. thanks for getting us inspired again with the new fabrics and great quilts.


    1. Ahhhh, yes. They get me every time. We are in the process of setting up a gallery and would love to see any of your creations if you are willing to share.


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