Applique with a Frosted Donut – Delicious!

Frosted donuts - the real deal!

I thought the donut photo might get your attention. Actually, my topic has nothing to do with the delectable edibles in the picture. It’s another of my favorite things – a frosted donut of a totally different kind – thread!!

Superior Threads Frosted Donut - 36 yummy colors

Superior Threads makes this Frosted Donut, a colorful collection of 36 MasterPiece (#50 100% extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton) L style pre-wound bobbins, all tucked into a blue rubber bobbin holder. The range of colors is totally gorgeous!

Frosted Donut Label

So where does the appliqué come in? I use the pre-wound bobbins for the blanket stitch on my appliqué projects – not in the bobbin, but on top. With 36 colors to choose from, I can almost always find one in the donut that matches my fabric. It’s very handy, and more economical than buying 36 individual spools of thread! Just pop a pre-wound bobbin onto the spool pin of your machine.

I prefer to finish my appliqué motifs with a narrow, barely visible blanket stitch. I select stitch #45 on my Bernina, narrow the stitch width to 1.4, use a Microtex sharp needle size 80/12, and an open-toe presser foot. In the bobbin (using a regular bobbin), I use a thread color that comes close to the frosted donut bobbin on top – it doesn’t have to match exactly.

Below is a photo of Snips & Snails, a 40″ x 40″ children’s quilt pattern from my company, Artichoke Collection. The design features a combination of simple pieced and applique blocks geared for boys. Sorry about Mr. Turtle’s eyes – I just couldn’t resist the temptation!

Snips & Snails

You can find Frosted Donuts in most quilt and fabric shops. I recently visited the Superior Threads website and noticed they’ve added another donut with a new array of colors in a lavender bobbin holder – Frosted Donut II. Looks tempting….

Until next time – may all your donuts be frosted and your turtles have 20/20 vision.



8 thoughts on “Applique with a Frosted Donut – Delicious!

    1. I do love Superior threads – they’re absolutely my favorites. I’m not sure I agree about the thread lasting longer – I’ve got some donuts that ended up on my thighs that have been there for quite a few years!!



  1. What a great idea, Christie. Can you buy the frosted donuts locally? I love what you guys are doing with the blog. It’s obviously that a lot of hard work was put into the planning, and it’s becoming one of my favorites. 🙂


    1. Hi Sherry,
      Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement – and I’m so glad we are becoming one of your favorites! The Cotton Patch in Lafayette and In Between Stitches in Livermore both carry the Frosted Donuts.


  2. Christie,

    Thanks for the tip about the Superior threads. Great idea on their part. Will be buying me one of those low-fat, low sugar confections!


    1. Hi Cyndy,

      You are so welcome! They are most definitely low-fat and low-sugar. I’m anxious to see the “Frosted Donut II” in person. Looks like the colors are more earth tones. You can never have too many donuts…..well, not the thread variety anyway.



  3. yes, you did have my attention with the REAL frosted donuts–one of my weaknesses. i’m another superior frosted donut fan, too. they are great when you need the perfect color in little bits.


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