Last-Minute Stocking Stuffer: A FREE Super-Easy Downloadable Jewelry Pouch Project

A twist on Christmas roses--ranunculus!

Are you on the left- or right-side of holiday panic? I’m hovering somewhere in between with most of my shopping done, but meal planning is a bust, at least for now. I have faith everything will work out, although I wish I could convince my dear snarky eldest child (who is quite grownup) that holiday traditions aren’t set in stone.  Yes, we can deviate from our Mexican-cuisine habit for one Christmas Eve. Shouldn’t the chief-cook-and-bottle-washer get the final say? Alas, he’s my most enthusiastic Christmas elf and I should adhere to his holiday sensibilities even if I’ve got a hankering for different flavors this year. Alas, I suspect there’s an enchilada lasagna in my future after all . . .

So, about that panic . . . the best cure is making gifts for friends and family.  Really.  Just channel that angst into something pretty. I did it by dreaming up yet another variation of that seasonal pillow project that I’ve dropped twice so far into our blog pattern library.

All I did was to scale back the size, make it double-sided, and dump the pillow form (obviously). The new element is a padded insert for storing studs and drop earrings.  I hate untangling jumbled jewelry when I travel—this seems like a good answer to that dilemma.

I made the earrings & pouch for a quilt group holiday gift exchange.

You know the drill: Click the jewelry pouch project link here or visit our Pattern Library.  If you’ve got the supplies, you’ve got a great little stocking stuffer in 30 minutes or less.

Onward busy people—48 hours or so to go!  My blogging sisters and I wish you the very, very best this holiday season. Do, if at all possible, find the time for some crafting therapy (your family will appreciate the de-stressed you).


11 thoughts on “Last-Minute Stocking Stuffer: A FREE Super-Easy Downloadable Jewelry Pouch Project

    1. Yes, I just tried both pillow patterns and each opened up. The photo images are large files so it may just take a while to load up on your computer. Let me know if you still have trouble. Email me at I could probably mail you paper copies if that would be easier.


      1. I got it–Just walked away for 10 minutes and came back and there it was! Thanks so much. It was very nice to see you at Quilting in Garden. Absolutely loved the quilts you had hanging there!!


  1. Jennifer
    Another beautiful, creative project that I can only dream about. Thanks for the ideas and
    Have a great holiday and let’s get together in
    The new year. Xxoo Tricia


    1. Hello Dear Tricia,

      Don’t dream about it–you can do it! I know you have a sewing machine. Merry Christmas, we will indeed get together soon–perhaps sooner than you might think . . .considering a trip northward soon.



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