Yes – You Can Buy Happiness! But How Much Should You Buy?

Can money buy happiness? Absolutely! While browsing in one of my favorite local quilt shops, I bought Happiness, a new fabric line from Free Spirit.

"Happiness" comes in many forms.

When I first spotted the bolts they were stacked on the cutting table – they hadn’t even made it to the shelves yet. It’s exciting to get the first cuts off of new bolts (kind of like the first spoonful of ice cream out of a new pint). Next came the decision of whether to buy the blue or the pink…..

"Happiness" comes in pink too.

I loved them both so bought some of each!

Happiness is the latest fabric line from designer Kathy Davis, who, I have discovered, is a very versatile artist.  In addition to designing fabric, she has greeting cards, stationery, prints, gift wrap, calendars and gift items. Kathy is the author of “Scatter Joy: Living, Giving, and Creating a Life You Love.” On her website I was admiring the fabrics in her three previous lines Journeys, Blossoming and Ambrosia, and realized I already had some of those pieces in my stash. Some go nicely with the new line. I guess I’ve been a fan and didn’t know it.

A question that comes up frequently in the quilt shop is how much fabric to purchase when you find a line you love but aren’t sure what you’re going to do with it. If it’s a focus fabric that I really, really love, and can see using it in more than one project, I get 3 yards.  Most of the time I’ll get 1½ or 2 yards of the focus fabric, which will give me enough for a border and the central design in a lap-size quilt. For blenders and coordinating pieces, I usually buy ½ yards.

Happy New Year and congratulations to Jay Zitter, the winner of our special, secret New Year’s giveaway. Jay will receive a copy of one of our favorite books, “A Year of Creativity: Seasonal Guide to New Awareness,” by Brenda Mallon.

I wish you all the best in 2012 and hope it brings you much happiness.


6 thoughts on “Yes – You Can Buy Happiness! But How Much Should You Buy?

  1. Yes, Happiness is wonderful! More ways than one!… Here’s to a Happy New Year of shopping for more Happiness fabrics & trips to Vegas (or other roadtrips) to find them! Thank you for bringing out the inspiration & creativity in all of us!


  2. beauty, joy and happiness. i need some of that! i’ll probably buy both colors, too. can’t have too much of happiness. thanks for sharing the stash fabric amounts. i usually buy way too much and then have leftovers. i’ve started cutting my leftovers into 2-1/2″ strips and creating my own jelly rolls. that way i am not creating nearly the same fabric-quilt over again with left overs. looking forward to another year with the blog–thanks to all of you for your inspiration. my ordered book, Year of Creativity, should arrive this week! looks like a great book.


    1. Happy New Year…and thanks so much for your kind words and support, Elaine. I started reading YofC on New Year’s day, and can see it will be a helpful, inspiring, and enjoyable journey. Have fun, Darra


    2. Thank you Sally and Elaine. It has been fun reading through your comments over the last several months and staying in touch with you via our blog. We appreciate all your support. I too just ordered a copy of YofC. Perhaps we’ll need to plan a Creative Weekend and share ideas. Happy New year to both of you.


  3. Christie, what a wonderful New Year’s surprise! Thank you so much, and keep up your inspirational blog! All the best in 2012…


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