In the Pink with Fabulous Fabric Flowers

I hope you know I’m not working on my Christmas cards this week so I can write my new post. Yes, it’s 2012, and I’ve not done my cards yet.  I’ve resigned myself to writing “Almost New Year’s” cards instead. That’ll be next week though because I really do want to give you a peek at an exploration of my latest obsession: pink. Pink. PINK.

A dazzling sales flyer from J.Crew--the apples look tasty too.

Some time ago, I think before Thanksgiving, I got an emailed sale flyer that rocked my world. I’d been mulling over pink + red as a color palette and wondering how to explore the mix when J. Crew delivered that very color combo with their ad featuring my fave MacIntosh apples arranged in a matrix on a hot-pink background.

In my spin I’ve replaced the apples with dimensional appliqué single-petaled roses—truth is, I don’t need much of a push to go floral.  The quilt’s still a work in progress, but I’m happy that my first 2012 project is so very PINK.

A good design tactic when blending two strong similar colors like these is to add black/white or a complementary color—I opted for both with a white grid and chartreuse greenery. I’m still a few weeks from completion, but I’m taking my time and enjoying each phase. Hey, I’m actually fulfilling the resolution I made in our last group post with this little quilt because I’m making a quilt to please myself without a deadline or a destination.  It’s a New Year’s miracle!

Rose Matrix currently pinned into submission--found fantastic glass beads to embellish the blossoms.

Here’s an FYI about the latest (February 2012) issue of TheQuilt Life on the newsstands:  Check out the “Heart Strings” article (page 34) and its accompanying quilt project. My blogging sister Darra and I participated in a collaborative quilt project for our friend Kim Butterworth—it’s super-easy, fun, and a perfect way to express a heartfelt sentiment. Also, TQL editor Jan Magee just gave See How We Sew a fantastic plug on the TQL blog–thanks to Jan and a welcome to our new visitors!

p.s.  Darra just told me I’m bucking the color trend with my pink thing. Turns out color forecasters are hot on Tangerine Tango for 2012. I can roll with that, orange is a happy color (and it looks terrific paired with PINK).


6 thoughts on “In the Pink with Fabulous Fabric Flowers

    1. Never too late, especially if you’re halfway there. I was on the fence about actually doing them, what with the late date, but I just got an email from a friend who said she was looking forward to the card w/accompanying photos of my guys. Guess I’m committed to the late, late New Year’s greetings, but I’ve got a post to do first.


  1. love the pink and red. looks fab. how great to make something just for yourself. great idea. maybe i can get a start on a project for me today. I never have made painting or quilt for me. sounds super.
    I really do enjoy your blog. 😀


    1. Hey Carol, always love a visit from you. Absolutely do something creative for yourself today! It’s all too easy to let our many responsibilities keep us from exploring those tantalizing ideas and inspirations that we have daily. I’ve come to the realization that I progress in “baby steps” much more consistently than in marathon sessions. Thirty minutes here or there eventually adds up to a completed project plus the accumulated benefit of stress reduction is a boon. Happy crafting!



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