A Quilter Confesses: I’m “Mad”…and Loving It!

Oh, but my intentions were good. I had it all planned. A meaningful, “meaty” post, complete with a clever little project. Time came to make the samples, write the instructions, take the step-by-step photos. And then, IT happened.

No. Not my hand!


I should know by now.  Once March rolls around, and college basketball heats to a boil in the insanity of its annual “hoops” tournament, I can kiss productivity good-bye. For three weeks, I’m a prisoner to my passion. Basketball becomes my life. Reading the previews, choosing my favorites, watching the action, reading about it afterwards. Basketball fills my days, and my dreams.

Once March arrives, I see basketballs everywhere.

There was a time when I actually owned a hat fashioned from a real basketball, which I sported in front of the TV when my team was on the court.

Luckily, no photos survive.

Even though my team didn't make it to "the dance" this year, I'll be in front of the TV for every tip off.

Despite my temporary “madness,” I do manage to squeeze in my resolved 30 minutes of creativity a day, but even that is affected.

Minor Madness, 3" x 5". This was totally unconscious. Honestly! I didn't realize what I had created until it was finished.

So I hope you’ll forgive me for “taking the bye” this time around. I promise to get that project together and post it sometime very soon. Meantime, I think I’ll step outside and shoot a few hoops before today’s games begin.

March Madness with Sunbonnet Sue, 22" x 26". Pattern appears in the Martingale & Company book, "A Year in the Life of Sunbonnet Sue," by my friend, Chris Porter, and me.

May your day be a “winner,” and ’til next time, happy stitching!

PS: Speaking of winners – Congratulations to Carmen Wyant,winner of the book, Quilt National 2011: The Best in Contemporary Quilts, donated by Lark Crafts in conjunction with my March 9 post. Carmen, please send me your mailing address via seehowwesew@gmail.com, and we’ll get that book on its way.


9 thoughts on “A Quilter Confesses: I’m “Mad”…and Loving It!

  1. Oh Darra- I totally understand. I was under the March Madness spell until Michigan State lost. I had picked Michigan State to go all the way, even winning the final game. And my beloved Michigan Wolverines went out in the first round. So not the best year for my picks, but it is so fun to watch anyway!


  2. Love the Minor Madness ATC, Darra! Madness takes over my family too–so far I’m leading our family pool. Thank goodness for handwork, I’m actually making progress on my English paper piecing project!


    1. I know what you mean about handwork, Mary. I sewed the bindings on all the Sue quilts during “Madness” a few years back! Darra


  3. How funny that a sport will take us over My teams lost early but I still cheer for the North Carolina teams. You have to love march madness when you live in North Carolina for seven years. Sometimes it’s good to have more than one passion. Basketball is just a season while quilting is an all year passion.


    1. Hi Elaine, Sixteen years in NC for me, too. UNC were the bad guys; I always favored NC State and Duke. Glad to see the Wolfpack still in the hunt! D


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