Whimsy to the Max – Tessuti Zoo

A beautiful day at Tessuti Zoo.

On my list of favorite things is a fantastic little shop in Pacific Grove, CA (nestled along the Monterey/Carmel Peninsula) called Tessuti Zoo. It’s a huge burst of color in a compact space overflowing with the phenomenal creations of owner Emily Owens.  “Wild and whimsical” is the perfect descriptive for the abundance of unique gifts, clothing, jewelry, art quilts, furniture, dolls, toys, books, and home décor items that can be found. It’s full of hand-made treasures!

I’m especially drawn to the “soft fabric creatures and dolls.” Each is a one-of-a-kind creation sewn by Emily and fashioned from wonderfully bright, colorful fabrics, lots of polka dots, and a punch of black and white. They’re fabulous!

A colorful view inside Tessuti Zoo.

Check out the two babes in the center of the next photo. They have such personality and attitude! And their hats – what style!

Two of my favorite "babes" at Tessuti Zoo.

I’m also crazy about the selection of children’s books. Emily has an eye for choosing those titles that are a bit unique and lots of fun. I made my selection and look how it was wrapped – Emily’s artistry has no bounds!

A simple book wrapped with a flower lollipop and bow - how fun!

Because her inventory is one-of-a-kind and constantly changing, Emily’s website is informational only (check it out for contact information, hours, etc.). I hope you’ll have a chance to visit in person and enjoy her art. You won’t be disappointed!

Happy travels.


4 thoughts on “Whimsy to the Max – Tessuti Zoo

  1. thanks for sharing this store with us–a must do on my next trip to Pacific Grove. the dolls and animals remind me of Eleanor Peace Bailey style of creation.


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