A May Garden of Fun Little Fabric Flowers and a Giveaway

Check out these charming yo-yo flowers – aren’t they cute?

This is my idea of a Spring garden!

They’re surprisingly fast and easy to make using the Clover “Quick” Yo-Yo Maker (the tool size is flower shaped-large). To make a yo-yo, all you need is the tool, a 5½” square of fabric, needle and thread. The directions are complete, easy to follow, and have excellent illustrations. The diameter of each finished yo-yo flower measures about 1¾”.  I used quilting cottons from my stash and found that the softer fabrics worked best. Use a strong, heavier weight thread; this will reduce the chances of the thread breaking when you gather up the stitches to form the flower. I used YLI Machine Quilting cotton thread and it worked very well.

Clover package front.
Covered buttons in the centers adds an extra pop of color.

For an extra pop of color in the flower centers, I used coordinating fabrics to cover buttons using the Dritz Cover Button Kit Size 24. The button size is 5/8″, and they’re also quick and easy to make. I chose to glue my buttons to the centers of the yo-yo flowers rather than to sew them. Just bend down the metal loop on the back of the button so it lies flat, and apply a small amount of glue around the back edge of the button. Press it into the center of the flower and let it dry.  I used a permanent adhesive by Beacon called GEM-TAC, which is perfect for bonding porous materials – fabric, wood, suede – to smooth surfaces such as glass, vinyl, and metal. It holds beautifully, dries clear, and is washable. It’s a wonderful product and I always use it when there’s a need to adhere fabric to anything.

I think these little yo-yo flowers are really adorable and have great embellishment potential. How fun would it be to make a “baby headband” using matching fabric with a flower attached? They could also be used in a grouping to make a corsage, or to decorate packages. There’s got to be hundreds of different uses.

If you’ve got a good one, send it in a comment by Friday, June 1. If we pick yours, we’ll send you a Clover YO-YO Maker. The winner will be announced in my June 5 post.

Take care and let me know if you “plant” a garden of yo-yos. It’s my kind of garden – no bugs, no watering, no weeds!


8 thoughts on “A May Garden of Fun Little Fabric Flowers and a Giveaway

  1. They make great table decorations for quilt retreats, bridal shower, etc. You make a flower and a leaf, then glue it on the end of a pencil or dowel rod. Wrap the pencil or dowel rod with green floral tape or green ribbon, stab in to a piece floral foam in a flower pot. Repeat until flower pot is filled.


  2. I love embellishing presents with these flowers. I just made them a couple of weeks ago for a wedding present. The bride loved them. She took them off the present and has already put them in a frame.


  3. I always try to recycle things in our home. What came to mind for these fun flowers is to use them with gift wrap. A bouquet of these flowers on a cloth ribbon can be used over and over again.


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