Christmas Craft: Better Late Than Never . . . a Holiday Table Runner Finished!

Whodda thunk? I’ve actually completed a holiday table runner with my paper-pieced Santa blocks.  Yes, it’s December 28, but 48 hours or so from Christmas counts, doesn’t it?

Project-J:  Completed holiday table runnerIt certainly helps to have a close friend with a long-arm sewing machine and a very generous spirit. My dear buddy Cyndy Rymer rescued me when my first machine-quilting effort turned into a disaster. (The less said, the better about that!) We opted for snowy hills and swirlies and now I’m thinking a judicious sprinkling of iridescent beads would be nice as well.

Project-J:  Three little Santas in a rowMy three Santas and two Christmas trees placed on point and finished with setting triangles ultimately measured 60″, a pretty standard table runner length. However, I wanted 90″ for my dining room table and so I added borders on each side in 15″ increments. Standard table runners measure 60, 90 and 120 inches, thus adding multiple 15″ borders will grow the runner very quickly.

Project-J:  Detail view of folded table runnerI thought a lot about somersaulting the Santas and trees across the runner’s surface so the guests on every table side could enjoy the figures, but I opted instead for a straight setting because I liked the look better for this version. If I ever did toss the Santas head over heels, then I’d make sure I had a quartet of Santas to hit all four positions.  Hey, I’m a writer, I like completed thoughts.

Project-J:  Holiday table runner front and backPhotographing ninety skinny inches of table runner is an insane challenge. This view at least gives you a peek at the backside. Just a couple more tiny details including a label and I’ll be ready for next Christmas!

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!



15 thoughts on “Christmas Craft: Better Late Than Never . . . a Holiday Table Runner Finished!

  1. I love, love, love this! It’s just beautiful! And, yes, of course it counts! To my family, Christmas is not officially over until January 6th. Thanks for all your inspiring projects and free patterns ;o)


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