Candace Kling, Masterful Manipulator of Fabric & Ribbon–Giveaway Today!

Good enough to eat? Candace Kling's delicious "Eye Candy" may fool you, but the confections are made of fabric!
Good enough to eat? Candace Kling’s delicious “Eye Candy” may fool you, but the confections are made of fabric!

I don’t think it’s a secret here at the blog that I’ve got a case of floral love. I’ve a habit of posting flower photos when I blog and dancing around blossomy themes and colors in much of my work. Which makes me think you’re not going to be shocked when I reveal that my fave crafting book is about flowers.Giveaway-Gold

Do you know The Artful Ribbon by Candace Kling from C&T Publishing? Not only do I have an update on Candace’s further flower adventures here, but she gave me an autographed copy of The Artful Ribbon as a giveaway to one of our readers! (See details below.)

Book-J:  The Artful Ribbon by Candace Kling

Isn’t that book cover spectacular?

Lucky for me, Candace lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She joined me for lunch last Friday and, even better, she invited me to her studio so I could see her handiwork LIVE!

Pansies and fuchsia
Pansies and fuchsia made with fabric and ribbon

Reading The Artful Ribbon was transformative to me. I poured over its pages and experimented here and there with her flower-building instructions. Did I become a fabulous hat or dressmaker as a result? Nah, I just had a heck of a great time playing with ribbon and embellishing handmade decor. Nonetheless, apprenticing to Candace via her book taught me much about translating the natural world into sewn form.

Inspiration-J:  Candace Kling's flowers
The rosy nosegay shows her incredible skill with “sculpting” floral shapes, the tiny flowers show her dexterity.

Meeting her turned out to be somewhat life changing as well. I set out to interview a renowned craftswoman, but I walked away with incalculable insight into creating floral artwork. A long-time teacher, imparting know-how is as natural as breathing to her—even her hands speak as she describes sculpting petal-like shapes from ribbons and fabric.

Inspiration-J:  Candace Kling's flowersCandace is a child of the Sixties; actually, she’s a true flower child who is Bay Area born and raised. While she has formal training from leading art schools in drawing, fashion design, and costuming, what she knows about embellishments she gained first by working in an East Bay vintage clothing store called Bizarre Bazaar (Facebook link) as a seamstress and then by studying the collections of leading museums and private collectors.

At that time, BizBaz was the locus of heavy trading in garments of all 20th century decades, some even earlier. The shop was hands-on learning of the best sort because Candace tailored and fit the vintage garments for the buyers who wore them out into the world. The museum wares she studies even now are handled very gently and worn only by mannequins on the rare occasion of a public exhibit and are otherwise strictly hands-off.

Inspiration-J: Candace Kling's cockades etc.
Intricately folded cockades perfect for finely tailored clothing

Her renown as a resource about vintage clothing and embellishment, and her growing skill at ribbon work, helped her build a very busy schedule of teaching and lecturing opportunities that continues today. It turns out that ribbon work is a skill that crosses many disciplines so Candace can bring her expertise to the widest range crafters from milliners to interior designers and costumers. She teaches actively in Northern California at guilds and shops like The Ribbonerie and The Sewing Workshop in San Francisco and travels outside of California to other venues as well. Visit her website for her teaching schedule.

I was so dazzled by our visit that I realized I couldn’t possibly fit everything I wanted to cover in one post. On Friday we’ll visit Candace’s studio to see recent work and other wonders. That means the turnaround for the giveaway will be super quick. Leave me a comment by this Thursday, January 24 and I’ll announce a winner in my Friday post.

Inspiration-J:  Candace Kling box of confections
“Eye Candy” by Candace Kling–visually appetizing and easy on the waistline

FYI: Visit Candace’s website and/or find the resource page at the back of The Artful Ribbon if you have questions about resources for ribbons and embellishments.

See you Friday!


64 thoughts on “Candace Kling, Masterful Manipulator of Fabric & Ribbon–Giveaway Today!

    1. And a very lovely, generous woman as well–she is always willing to share her knowledge. She teaches in the SF Bay Area and other locations around the country. Try one of her classes sometime.


  1. Her work is so amazing. Can anyone tell me if Candace’s book covers making nautilus cocades? I have a burning passion to try but some instructions would make it a lot easier.


      1. That’s true. Candace has many, many wonderful techniques. My thing is flowers, but her other ribbon work is fantastic. I too look forward to another title from her.


  2. So beautiful! I have knit and felted flowers after carefully studying them, but felted fabric never has the beautiful sheen of petals and leaves. Since I also knit and felt hats, this has really got me thinking about how to embellish them! Thank you.


  3. I used to do ribbon embroidery, way back when. lol Yet I keep buying beautiful ribbons, maybe with the right book (hint, hint) I will find an inspiration to get them out of the drawer. 😉


    1. Well here’s a cool update for you, Jean, and all those who’ve commented so far: Candace is sweetening the pot with another book! Two giveaways!!! Statistically, does that mean you all have twice the chance to win a book? Hey, I chose my university program so I wouldn’t have to take another math class–that certainly shows here!


  4. Candace Kling is an amazing artist with absolutely incredible talent. I would love to learn to do this with ribbon. Thank you for the inspiration and a chance to win such a wonderful tool.


    1. Yes, Barbara, the pansies and fuchsias are incredible! Candace’s process for building the flowers is very well thought out and achievable. She demonstrated both to me in the studio and I was floored by how wonderfully (and easily) she formed the flowers.


  5. i am captivated… i am intrigued… i am HOOKED!!! i can’t tell you how thrilled i am to be inspired by something new. i’ve never seen anything like those creations… true works of art. i can’t wait to get my hands on candace’s book… i am headed right to her site and her teaching schedule. what an amazing world that literally lives in my backyard. thnx so much for opening pandora’s box 🙂


  6. I have seen Candace’w work before and it is spectacular. I would love to learn how to make them like she does. Thank you for having this giveaway.


  7. Oh my gosh I had no idea what beautiful work could be created! I would so love to win this book. I went to the website and see that she teaches at Nancy’s sewing basket in Seattle. (close to where I live). Thanks this looks wonderful and I’m looking forward to Friday’s post!


  8. Seeing her “Eye Candy” took my breath away! It also reminded me of when I got carried away by The Artful Ribbon in the ’90s. I was part of a fiber arts group that was doing a display of calendar months that members personally interpreted in a 12″x18″ piece. Some wove, some quilted, one even knitted. My month was April and I made a very 3-D vase of tulips, daffodils,and irises. I keep that piece where I can easily see it because I love it so! Thanks for the opportunity to win the newest edition of The Artful Ribbon!


  9. Gorgeous work and would love to have this book!! It would be wonderful to attend one of her workshops and see her work close up. How luck for you to have lunch and see her studio!!!!


  10. I’ve not tried making ribbon flowers, but those are gorgeous!!! I’d love to try my hand at it, and if I win the book, that’s exactly what I’ll do! Thanks for the opportunity!


  11. What a coincidence . . . I just shopped in a quilt shop in Dubai while visiting my children and grandchildren. There were samples of ribbon embroidery displayed that were sweet and beautiful and I decided then and there that would go on my list of new skills to learn in 2013.


  12. Jennifer, you find the most inspiring things! This is luscious! Now I want to make a cockade for the jacket I just completed! Thanks!


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