The Cherry on Top . . . A Finished Wedding Quilt and A Giveaway Winner

Inspiration-J:  The Cherry on Top

Cue the fanfare:  Another quilt finished!  (That’s cherry #1.) It’s the wedding gift for my niece/goddaughter. I gave you a preview in past posts of the quilt-building process and my adventures commissioning a long-arm quilter. Well, it’s bound, labeled, and ready for wrapping, but I promised a peek and so I had to take advantage of a very pretty afternoon this week and a glorious stand of California oaks to take some al fresco photographs to share.

Quilt-J:  Wedding Quilt Finished

Yes, I know I have disembodied hands, but what can you do when a white quilt threatens to slide off a convenient boxwood hedge? Thanks to a quilting friend, Sue, and our mutual friend, Laurelle, for serving as hand models! Details about the Star pattern, Jelly Roll Starburst by Kimberly Einmo and Birgit Schuller, are available through Fairfield, the  batting manufacturer.

Ah yes, the sublime Harajuku Ladies from Alexander Henry is dazzling as the quilt backing. I knew there was a reason I needed to buy excessive yardage–serendipity indeed, which I guess makes me a prescient fabric shopper!  It’s the perfect backing for my young couple.

Quilt-J:  Reverse side of wedding quilt with Harajuku ladies

The binding is another Alexander Henry design, Meiji Mumm. I typically leave binding selection to the end of the quilt-building process because I’m not always sure what will make sense. Quite a number of options ran through my mind for this quilt, but really, once the top was quilted and I experienced the visual intensity of Harajuku Ladies, a black and white print with Japanese flair was my best option. The fabric offered an interesting duality; it was both strong enough and sufficiently lacy to embrace those stylish girls without overwhelming them.

Quilt-J:  Binding of wedding quilt

Marla Monson demonstrated her deft skill on the long-arm machine with her execution of a rambling design across the quilt surface. It’s a free-form approach that adds frothy, upbeat textural details to the intense white of the quilt top.

Quilt-J:  Detail of Quilting--Wedding Quilt

(Cherry #2) Looking for the Giveaway Winner?

Thank you for all your comments about your favorite neutrals. It looks like gray and its smoky, foggy, and silvery variations are very popular nowadays. Many of our readers were drawn to the visual dance of Amy Ellis’s Placid Waves quilt–that’s the one I’m going to make first. The eBook winner is Duanne. Congratulations!

Don’t despair if you didn’t win the book today, I just checked Amy’s blog and she says the Fat Quarter Shop is featuring Modern Neutrals this month and it’s on sale! FYI:  Amy’s post also details upcoming trunk-show stops for the book’s quilts. Who knows? Perhaps your favorite will be displayed at your local quilt shop.

‘Til next time, happy sewing!



14 thoughts on “The Cherry on Top . . . A Finished Wedding Quilt and A Giveaway Winner

    1. Hello Judy, thanks for the kind words. Marla is a magician–her quilting is so pretty and I’m so fortunate she was available.


  1. I was blown away by how beautiful your wedding quilt is. I love everything about it but I think the quilting was genius. Congratulations on a job well done!


    1. That so cool, Kathy. Thanks for the visit and the wonderful comments. Marla Monson is the long-arm genius–she’s got a skilled hand with her machine.


  2. Wow! Congratulations to the lucky bride and groom, not just for the marriage, but the lovely timeless gift from the heart that you created. What a wonderful keepsake, not many young couples are as fortunate as they are to have a handmade momento that they can cherish and hand down.


    1. Young couples are indeed lucky when they have crazed family/friends who ascribe to the handmade gift mantra. We quilters get that compulsion–it’s a gift from the hear. Thank you for your visit and for sharing your thoughts.


    1. Hello Beth–Too cool to hear from you–can’t wait to see you and the family either! I hope she likes too!



    1. That was definitely the fun part–fabric play! Why use one pink when a whole bunch makes a more interesting statement?


    1. Thanks for the visit–I took a trip to your blog as well. I noticed your stars. They’re wonderful and a smaller scale version of the stars I made in my wedding quilt. Lovely blog!


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