My Purple Passion with An Orange Twist

Thought I’d throw a purple photo essay your way today, especially after my lengthy treatise about pattern writing this past Tuesday.  I’m a fan, a big fan of PURPLE as you can see:

Purple Flowers

Inspiration-J:  Purple Lupine

Inspiration-J:  French Purple Hydrangea

Inspiration-J:  Purple-Hued Blossoms

Inspiration-J:  Purple Anemone

Purple Food–Think beyond grapes!

Inspiration-J:  Blueberry Gelato

Inspiration-J:  Purple Food

Yeah, okay . . . we’re talking blueberries and blackberries, yet more fruit, but at least in ice-cream form.

Red-Violet Warms the Cool Temperature of a Blue-Toned Quilt

Quilt-J:  Where Purple Shines

What Happens When You Marry Purple Tones With Yellow-Orange?  More Visual Magic!

Inspiration-J:  Blue-Violet and Yellow-Orange

Where Does This Color Essay Lead?  Fun With Prints!

Inspiration-J: Quilt Idea
Funky room in a recent issue of Elle Decor. See that folded
red/white blanket? That’s my starting point.

Quilt-J:  Purple ArrayPurple and red-violet with tangerine accents, a favorite color combination of mine.  It’s time to evolve my guest-room decor, as a matter of fact.  Stay tuned for the results, but beware, it’ll take me a while . . . 

Quilt Shop Update

Just wanted to let you know that our local shop, Wooden Gate Quilts, changed hands recently and we fabric shoppers are so happy to hear that news. Many thanks and a very fond bye-bye to Marby Bennett who will now have more time to sew her own quilts and play with her granddaughter.

Giveaway Winner Here

I’d like to extend our appreciation to our very generous giveaway contributors:  Artichoke Collection, Carolyn Friedlander, Cluck Cluck Sew, Laura Nownes’ Etsy site, and Swirly Girls. Our winners:  Sherri D., Mama Raby, Quilt Knit, Jill, Sandy K., Linda S., Sharon, Jen, and Angela.  Congratulations!

Until next time, pedal to the metal and sew!



9 thoughts on “My Purple Passion with An Orange Twist

  1. I have replied to your request. I am curious is that a quilt pattern or upholstery pattern on the paper. I have a Moleskine filling up with my two quilts that leave in two weeks to the military over there.


  2. Is that Me? Quilt Knit, listed as a winner? Wow! Now, that is a lovely Surprise!
    Oh, My colors a long time ok were– Purple and Gold.
    Of course you know that Purple and Orange compliment each other and therefore make the colors intensify. There is one exception to this rule. Liquitex had a very remarkable production of the colors to use to see this vibrancy. However, the Purple and Orange did just the opposite. When you placed the orange dot and purple dot together – it made purple go Gray! I look for that in nature all the time.
    Love those Photos have some Purple Mums will share after the Rain.


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