Adding Special Touches to Wedding Accessories & Giveaway


L: Wedding Peony

With less than five weeks to go until the big  day, we are wrapping things up here with some small projects. As much work as it’s been, I’m excited by the attention to detail that my daughter has put into this special day. Everything is so thoughtful.



When considering the design for the ring bearer’s pillow, Molly was inspired by the bow tie I made to be worn by the young man who will have the very important duty of  carrying and presenting the wedding bands to the best man. A bit of research reveals that in medieval times, the wedding ring was presented to the bride on the tip of a sword to represent the seriousness of the rite, and also to present a warning against infidelity. Yikes, no swords at this wedding! Instead, take a peek at the pillow. It is made to match  the bow tie, with the addition of a batting layer to give it some poof.

L: Ring bearer's pillow

Accompanying the ring bearer down the aisle will be an adorable flower girl. Her dress is almost finished . . . just a few more details and I can share it with you! In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek.

L: Brooklyn's dressThis  little basket  will be filled with rose petals and, we hope she’ll scattered them down the aisle. I say hopefully because in the last wedding I attended, the little girl got so excited she forgot to drop the petals. When she reached the altar, she simply turned the basket over and dumped the petals into one big pile. We all laughed . . . these are the sweetest little memories!

Just a little touch of bling for the flower girl!
Just a little touch of bling for the flower girl!

Here’s the last project I want to share with you today. It was inspired by a lovely little pouch I recently received from a friend. It is called the “Annie Pouch” by K Cotton Studio.

The adorable Annie Pouch by K Cotton Studio. Image taken from their website.
The adorable Annie Pouch by K Cotton Studio. Image taken from their website.

Molly loved the size and design of this adorable little bag and felt it would make a nice gift for her bridesmaids. I believe she plans to tuck a small gift inside each one of them. Her idea was to have initials and flowers embroidered on the front of each bag. Robyn Whitlock, a local machine embroiderer, helped to create the look Molly had envisioned for the design.

L: Bridesmaids Bags

The rest was easy. Simply construct the bag following the pattern. They are so cute, and so personal. I’m sure the girls will love them.

L: Bag2

1-Giveaway IconKeiko Clark of K Cotton Studio is generously donating one of her Annie’s Pouch patterns along with one magnetic clasp. To be entered to win, please leave a comment by end of day June 8th telling us one funny or interesting event that happened at either your wedding or one you attended.

Until next time, happy creating everyone!













10 thoughts on “Adding Special Touches to Wedding Accessories & Giveaway

  1. We will be celebrating our 39th anniversary on the 21st. I told my husband that I was worried that I would start laughing because I had to be serious and there we were standing at the alter while the minister is talking and my husband started laughing, lol.



  2. We were moving to California to start our internships the day after our wedding, and spent the days before filling the U-Haul. I arrived at the church the day of the wedding to change, and was met by my parents, my in-laws, groomsmen, and bridemaids, all wanting to know where my husband’s tux was. I thought for a minute, then told everyone I must have packed it in one of the wardrobe boxes, as I had packed his closet. Of course, the wardrobe boxes were way in the front of the U-Haul. The tuxedo place was very nice and provided him with a spare, and let us mail back the packed one once we arrived in LA. It worked: just celebrated 30 years together!


  3. My wedding day was a comedy of errors but fun to remember!! The grooms ring was engraved with the wrong date…My Sis and her betrothed suddenly decided to marry but my folks couldn’t afford a second wedding sooo…A month before the wedding they plus their attendants were added to our wedding. Now six more people at the alter and lots more guests added to the altar. Just imagine the vows being given twice and making sure the right bride got hitched to the right groom!!
    Day of the wedding our home was filled with out of town guests. Everyone found cars to go to the church but left me, the bride, home alone with no ride. So, I picked up my dress and walked to the church where I dressed in one of the Sunday School rooms!!
    Many more unusual complications…But this July my sis, her hub, me and my spouse will celebrate 50 years together! It’s been a wonderful ride and it’s not over yet!
    Best wishes to your daughter and her beloved. May all the blessing I have enjoyed follow her all the coming years.


  4. My wedding day was full of mishaps — like locking the keys in the car, the electricity going off at the church as we were just about to go down the aisle, the pianist showing up 30 minutes late, the decorator’s van breaking down on the way to the church so the reception didn’t get fully decorated . . . . Of course the vows went off without a hitch; we’ve been “hitched” for 25 years. Best of luck to your daughter and her so-to-be husband.


  5. Oh my…our anniversary was 30 years ago this past January 14. The day before the wedding was a comedy of errors, just as you’d expect Friday the 13th to be. My girlfriend and her daughter flew up from Florida, and instead of coming in at the airport in Philly, she got a cheaper ticket to Newark, NJ. I borrowed my future father-in-law’s car to go pick her up. Opened the trunk to pile in the luggage to find the trunk was full of junk. So now it was squeezed into the back seat and everyone squeezed in around it. Once we piled in, I put the key in the ignition…the car was dead. The battery picked that moment to die. Yes, well you know how much more expensive an airport garage can be. Later, we drove in to Philly to pick up the rings at the jeweler’s. My ring had to be resized, and of course it still didn’t fit. They did an emergency “stretch” job and promised to fix the engraving inside later. And the rehearsal that evening…I was sure the wedding would be a disaster. And afterwards, we had an awful fight. But the wedding went fine and the memories bring smiles.


  6. We had an evening wedding the end of October, traditionally cool time of the year. It turned out to be a day of record heat and at the last minute iced beverages replaced coffee as the beverage of choice in our church’s un-air conditioned reception hall.


  7. My favorite wedding story is one where the maid of honor was a no show as she changed her mind. Too bad she was the only attendant and did not bother to tell the bride, her best friend. Another lovely young woman agreeded at the last moment to walk down the aisle and help the bride. Made for interesting discussions at the reception.


  8. When my niece got married, her daughter was the flower girl. At The rehearsal the night before I told my niece to be sure and clean her pits before she put on her dress. As she was walking down the aisle dropping the pedals she saw me, lifted her arm and yelled “look Tia Fran, my pits are clean”. of course we all laughed and I had to explain to my niece why her daughter had said that.


  9. We got married in September hoping the weather would be cooler. We told out pastor that my husband couldn’t tolerate heat well, and since he walked with two canes at the time, he tended to lock his knees and fall over. That combined with heat was almost a guarantee that he would fall. Well, it was 90 degrees the day we got married, and my husband was already sweating when they got up front. The pastor must have gotten nervous, because all the guests were commenting on how nice it was that from the time the men arrived at the alter, till the time we walked out married it was only 20 minutes, and this pastor was known for very long winded homilies!


  10. I have so many funny things that happened at my wedding but the two that stand out – I threw the bouquet and no one really seemed to want it. My great aunt who had never been married grabbed it. My brother caught the garter and had to put in on our great aunt.

    When it was time to leave in the get away car after the reception, my husband walked me to the drivers side and opened the door for me to drive and walked to the passenger side. My great aunt was surprise and grabbed his shirt and put rice down his shirt. My husband got in the car stating your aunt put rice down my shirt. I told him that she did that so when a bride and groom get to the wedding night and undress the rice falling out while changing is to release the tension. This is from my single aunt.


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