20 thoughts on “giveaway2

  1. One quick tip I have is if you use fabric glue, use it sparingly. Also, while working with the glue, put the bottle upside down in a small glass or jar with a small piece of damp sponge under the tip. This will keep the glue tip from drying up and always ready to use.

    Thanks for a chance to win.



  2. My tip is don’t be afraid to change up your methods of applique. Also – practice! I have noticed such an improvement in my work over the years.


  3. Hi,
    Applique is something that I haven’t tried much of….just a little here and there. Having said that I have been meaning to try my hand at reverse applique. Don’t have any tips and tricks of my own yet but I am always looking for some to help me learn something new


  4. I’ve never done applique and am very new to quilting, so I really don’t have any tips to share. Thanks so much for your generosity in participating in this giveaway


  5. I have jsut done a couple applique projects so no great tips yet. I am just happy to try these techniques and learn so much.


  6. I’m not very good at applique. I have yet to find a fusible that I like. That said I really like the Applique Sheet. It makes my life so easy.


  7. Oh WOW! I’m inspired! I don’t do a lot of appliqué but I can’t do without my stiletto when I do needle turn. It makes it so much easier.


  8. I agree with all the folks who have commented. It’s good to have different ways to applique. currently my fav is freezer paper on top of the pattern and needle turn as you go. Then the freezer paper comes off easily. I cant do applique without good lighting and sharp scissors either.
    One tip I haven’t seen here, yet, is only use about 18-20 inches of thread on your needle and thread your needle with the thread still on the spool. If you snip it at the end you will know the nap is running the correct way. If you use a thread to long it tends to fray and (here is the biggy) knot!!
    Well there is my tip, I hope I win!! I sure am excited about the book. It looks awesome.
    Thanks, Vickie


  9. My tip is have lots of methods to applique in your arsenal. That way you can pull the right one for the job at hand.


  10. My favorite tip is have patience. But I have started to use my Cameo to cut appliqué pieces and they come out much more precise than my cutting with a scissors.


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