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Since SHWS offered its first post to the world of bloggers, we have had our very helpful and knowledgeable “behind the scenes” gal assist us with everything from designing the banner, adding and re-sizing images to uploading videos. We were all new to the world of blogging so having someone knowledgeable to guide us was a big plus. Our wonderful go-to girl just happens to be my niece, Michelle. She was always there for us, day or night, when things just became too challenging for us to manage.  Thanks, Michelle for always coming to the rescue!

Over the years, I think all this “quilty” stuff has rubbed off on Michelle, as she has traveled and worked with me at shows and other quilt-related events. I was thrilled when a few years ago she expressed an interest in taking one of my beginning quilting classes, and even more delighted to see the beautiful quilts she has made for many of her friends and family members.

We are all happy to have Michelle share some of her first creations with you today. Please enjoy!

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Hello See How We Sew Readers! I am so happy to be able to share with you my new patterns for children’s quilts.

I started my first quilt at age 14 with my mom by my side. I think I got all of the fabric cut out and a few pieces sewed together. Then it sat on a shelf until I was 21. My mom came to visit me in Green Bay, WI and we sat down and finished the quilt together. Mainly me looking over her shoulder and bringing her the next piece to be sewed. But, we did it! The quilt top was finally done and it looked great. I had a friend who was willing to help me tie the quilt and show me how to bind it. This was the easiest part! I love this quilt because it was the start of something. I didn’t know at the time how much quilting would be a part of my life.


About a year after finishing this quilt I moved to the Bay Area. I was less than 15 minutes from the famous Laura Nownes, who I am honored to call my Aunt. She has been such a great influence on my quilting skills and knowledge! I started working with her on her patterns and doing the graphics for them. She suggested I take one of the classes she taught at Thimble Creek Quilt Shop. This was the start of my quilting bug! I learned so much and had such a wonderful time each week gaining more knowledge in this wonderful craft of quilting.


Each week I visited my Mom in Sacramento and we would talk about my fun times quilting. She was going through chemotherapy and when she was feeling up to it we would spend our time together quilting. I would cut, she would sew, and we would figure out how to put a quilt together. It was such great fun and has left me with great memories.  She told me that I would be in charge of making quilts for all of her grandchildren.  Little did either of us know that I would end up making the four quilts we finished into patterns!

Quilt Patterns

I’ve since given the ‘Child’s Play’ quilt to my son, Warren (left) and ‘Zig the Zag’ went to my nephew, Arlo (right).  Mom’s fight with cancer ended in December, 2011 and though she never got to meet either of these little ones, her legacy lives on in the quilts we made together. I am so grateful to have these quilts as treasures for her grandchildren and the memories that I have from making them with her.



I hope you will look at each of the patterns and find one that excites you. We used basic blocks and put them together in fun new ways. Head on over to Etsy and check out my shop!


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I am so honored to be able to share my patterns with you that I will be giving away one of each pattern to 4 lucky winners. Leave a comment below telling me which pattern is your favorite and your best quilting memory.


16 thoughts on “Mom & Me Quilt Boutique

  1. Love the story behind the quilts & the fact it included your Mom. My Mom did not quilt, however, she was always willing to lend a hand in finishing up anything I started. I love the “All Boxed Up” quilt. It just reminds me so much of Christmas & the excitement surrounding the holiday. My birthday is Christmas Day, so, as a child, it was doubly exciting.


  2. These quilts all are so wonderfully interesting for a child to look at! I love Child’s Play the best. My favorite quilting memory is of just listening to my mom and her mom talk about the sewing they were doing when they/we met a few times a year. They always had new things to show each other and I could tell it was special between them. So glad you got to create with your mother.


  3. It is hard to choose from your great patterns and it sure shows how a cute baby can sell a product. I liked Child’s Play.
    My favorite memory was making a quilt for my daughter’s engagement. I tried some new techniques (snippets) along with piecing, and even accidentally poked a hole in it. The pumpkin appliqué helped greatly :-).


  4. Michelle!!! You are so incredibly talented! I’m so happy to hear your story–and I can’t believe I haven’t heard it already! I absolutely love zig the zag! So funky! So fun!
    I love quilting with all our buddies, but my favorite memory is my first time hand quilting with my mom, aunts and my sister on a quilt my mom had hand-pieced! What a treasure!


  5. Thank you for sharing your touching story and your generous offer.
    My favorite quilting memory just occurred this summer. I have been wanting to share my love of sewing and quilting with my daughters, just as my mother had with me, but could not find more than a passing interest in any of the 3. I took my youngest daughter out to shops throughout New Jersey to keep me company as I collected “Row-by-row” patterns. We parked across the street from a shop that had a beautiful autumn quilt hanging in the window. At that moment, my October-born child decided to learn to quilt and we went inside to buy some fall prints.
    All 4 of the designs are fun and whimsical but I think my favorite would have to be Child’s Play. It looks like a quilt from my childhood.


  6. Thank you for sharing your quilting story. I’m looking for a pattern for my neice’s baby due in February. Looks like I found it in Child’s Play!


  7. I too like child’s Play. I would really like to make that one for one lucky grand baby. My favorite memory was helping my mother with her piecing. She started quilting after I had been quilting for a couple of years. Now she gets more done than me.


  8. What lovely memories you have of the time shared making keepsakes with your Mom. My Mom taught me how to read a sewing pattern, it all looked so confusing until she broke it down for me. Your patterns are full of life and color. Wonderful.


  9. It just may be the beautiful little “model” that helped me make my choice (!), but the quilt “Child’s Play” has my heart!!
    What a wonderful memory, Michelle!… making these quilts with your Mother!! And how happy the Mother, who could share her love in such a personal, intimate, and lasting way!! What a Blessing!!!

    My best quilting memory… surprising a Beloved Aunt with a special quilt I created just for her, with all her favorite colors, textures, and fabrics! (a controlled scrappy, with Robin Pandolph pastel florals, vintage and newer chenilles, Kona snow sashing, and backed with a lush creamy white micro fleece). Her amazed reaction was SO worth all the time and labor… as it truly was a labor of love!!
    Thank you!!
    Pat T.
    in Michigan


  10. So beautiful and heartfelt
    I love them all
    Thank you for sharing your mum with us
    My best quilting memory is quilting with 5 friends every week for five years one quilt for each of us.


  11. I love them all! Such fun bright colors and creative use of the traditional blocks. I have my Gramma’s sampler, made when she was a girl in 1918, and some of her blocks, fabric and her Singer treadle. She said she’d quilt again when she got old. She started quilting again in her late 80’s and passed at 89…I miss her daily and have enjoyed putting a little of her fabric in my quilts…and looking forward to using her treadle soon (currently in rehab!).


  12. I love the Zig the Zag one. I have been quilting for a number of years on my own – no clubs, guilds etc. I am now a member of a Modern quilt guild and I love my sew days with my friends.


  13. I’m liking the Pinwheels on Parade even though I have problems with sewing pinwheels without a big lump in the middle.
    I haven’t quilted much since I am new to quilting …a few years now. I think that the companionship one has with fellow quilters is my favorite memory. It’s ongoing, of course, and thankfully, I get to meet with my sewing friends every week.


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