A New Quilt Pattern and a Giveaway

File Sep 11, 8 14 52 AMCalifornia is in the middle of a heat wave this week. The timing seems really odd to be announcing a new quilt pattern called Winter Brrrd Houses. But that is what I am doing! Winter Brrrd Houses is here, and now available through my Etsy shop and will be on our SHWS Pattern Page. And to celebrate, we are giving away a free pattern today!

WinterBrrrd Houses Pattern by Pati Fried
Winter Brrrd Houses has something for everyone. The pattern mixes piecing, improvisational curves, applique and a little bit of embroidery. Trust me, you will not get bored from making the same block over and over again with this project. I made 30 birdhouses from the start of the quilt to the completion of the pattern. Each one had its own personality. It was so much fun choosing the fabrics and sizes, that I could just keep on going!

The pattern is designed to give you oodles of options to add your own unique spin on the project. The quilt and the pattern have my name on it, but I will be the first to tell you – Laura was a huge part of writing this pattern. We all know that writing a pattern with solid technical instructions is tough. Choosing to include improvisational design options made it twice the challenge. I am so grateful to have had Laura’s expertise along the way.

Winter Brrrd Houses by Pati Fried

Last week, I gave a peek of the sample that Laura and I put together at our sew day. I’m excited to say I just received a few photos from Kerry Reed, who has been busy quilting for me and sent some teasers while working away. This is the Spring version of the quilt. Same technique, just different fabric choices and layout. Remember, I mentioned oodles of design options? Spring Bird Houses by See How We Sew

Laura and I are teaching a birdhouse workshop to the Piece by Piece Quilters of Morgan Hill, Ca. next week. It will be fun to team teach this project now, after working so hard together to complete the pattern.
Indigo Bird Houses close up by Pati FriedAbout a week ago, I tried making two more versions. The first time, I followed the pattern exactly, with not a stitch of improv in sight. I even omitted the curve piecing. Ok, I did decide to change the birdhouse doors a bit. I also used some of my cherished indigo fabrics to punch it up. Simple, quick and still lots of fun to make.Indigo Bird Houses by Pati Fried

In the second version, I threw all the rules out the window except for the cutting instructions for the roofs. I wanted to see what would happen if I sized the houses differently. How would it look if my points were off?


I also over sized the background sections, to give me a chance to play with the layout. The curve piecing was a natural fit at this point – I was just filling in the blanks. At some point it became a little French city, not a flurry of birdhouses. And can we just take a moment to notice the quilting?
French Houses by Pati FriedSo there you have it. Four versions of what can be done with one pattern. My hope is that a few of our readers will take my lead and create their own unique designs, using the tips and techniques shared in the pattern. In fact . . .


leave a comment on what your version might be like – and I will choose a winner to receive a free pattern!

Have a great weekend!


27 thoughts on “A New Quilt Pattern and a Giveaway

  1. So cute! I would make a summer version. I just want to hang on to summer just a bit longer. Best wishes with the sales of your pattern and thanks for a chance to win it!!


  2. All the pics are adorable, I was leaning toward the bright colors of spring…but the winter version is striking, so it’s my favorite!


  3. What appeals most is the variety of techniques and that each block is different. Years ago I made a Thimbleberries Hometown Christmas quilt with all different house blocks and had a blast since each one was different. I just completed a quilt with a bit – just a tiny bit- of appliqué and I love the way it turned out. I am a piecer and have been often overheard to refer to the “A” word with trepidation. I was glad I branched out. The curved shapes of appliqués add so much interest to a quilt. I called my quilt “Bugs R Us” and it can be found at


    This pattern would help me be brave with just the right amount curved piecing to stretch but not overwhelm. I think I would make all the little birds a bright royal blue and perhaps the undulating background, very pale shades of a happy apple green. Picking the colors for each birdhouse would be fun over and over again for each little dwelling.


  4. This project touched my heart. I lost my dear mother this summer. She loved and collected birdhouses, both decorative ones inside and outside houses for different breeds of birds and bats. One treasure I took when I cleaned out her house was a bag of calicos. I would make a birdhouse quilt out of my mother’s fabrics to represent a lasting hug from her.


  5. All your quilts are lovely using this pattern. I think I would use bright modern fabrics for my houses and mix up the placement with tons of negative space.


  6. I’m thinking a Christmas-y bird village, with some way to incorporate little gifts and trees in the windows, maybe some wreaths and lights draped from the bird houses. Wouldn’t that be charming?


  7. I think all the versions are wonderful. I’m thinking one for each season. I would love to do a summer, fall, winter and spring version.


  8. I have some interesting woodland fabrics that keep my Adirondack Mountains (NY) in mind when I cannot be there. I am thinking that they might be perfect.


  9. Love all the versions — but am especially drawn to the Spring version. I have many birdhouses in my yard
    and Spring is the time the birds are choosing their nesting sites and I note the Kaffe Fassett fabrics you
    used in that one — that is just what I would do when making the quilt.


  10. Since I tend to quilt with really bold colors, I would like to step out of my box, try the spring version, and use softer, lighter colors


  11. Bird houses are popular in our household. My husband builds them and paints the front with sports logos. Meanwhile I am inside quilting. We are surrounded by Forrest and have daily visits from blue jays, morning doves, chickadees, finches, woodpeckers and nut hatches. I would love to win this pattern. It would be an awesome quilt for the husband.


  12. This pattern is adorable and very versatile. I LOVE the bird with the circle and star door section. You have a great eye for design. I would probably make this with some batik fabric in spring colors.


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