Good Hair Day, Followed by a Pretty Pajama Night and a Giveaway

 GHD_BlogHop002We are so excited to be part of the Good Hair Day Blog Hop Tour today. The tour is celebrating the release of KimAndersson’s new line of fabric with Windham Fabrics, appropriately named, Good Hair Day.

See How We Sew Giveaway

If you are new to our blog, welcome! We are so happy you found us. If you are one of our loyal followers, then you know what a blog hop tour means here at See How We Sew. . . 

But first, let’s talk about this fabulous collection! Good Hair Day quickly fell into the SHWS favorite-stash category. I’ve known Kim for quite some time. She has popped up on our blog many times over the past few years. She has been featured in a guest post with us, and we were fortunate enough to participate in her first blog hop for the Tidal Lace collection. If you remember these posts, you would agree
that she is a pretty talented gal. With that in mind, I can safely say that Kim’s new line is a perfect combination of her humor and wit, sprinkled with a generous amount of graphic sensibility.
  iapfront_ghdThe colors for this collection are downright awesome. This is not just any ordinary color palette. Receiving our sample pack was like opening up a brand new box of crayons. And just look at those bobby pins and hair combs! They are brilliant! Who wouldn’t love to play with this fabric?



Which is why, when Laura and I were asked to create something out of this line to share in the blog hop, we jumped at the chance. What a perfect opportunity to embrace our girly side. Hmmm, combs, blowdryers, ribbons and curls – how about a girl’s pajama night?

Laura chose a Butterick #B6225 pattern to make a pair of pajamas. I chose Modern Robe by The Modern Robe Company.

Butterick Pattern        Modern Robe pattern

And off we went, measuring, cutting, and sewing up this cheery fabric!

Good Hair DayIt was pretty easy to get caught up in adding trim, ruffles, and sashes, when a collections plays so well together. This was a really fun project to complete!

SHWS pajama party crop

Then it was off for a photo shoot for the Good Hair Day Look Book.
And on to the Windham booth at Houston International Quilt Market last fall to play with all the other amazing creations made by all the talented people on this blog hop.

Our pajamas and robe made it home just in time to show them off at one of Laura’s Pajama Night Sew-ins at Wooden Gate Quilts. Here we are sporting our pretty pajama party clothes.

Laura and Pati - Pajama night

Thanks so much for joining us today. We happen to be one of the last days of this blog tour, but be sure to go back and read all of the blog posts that have been involved in the Good Hair Day Release. There are some really talented sewists, quilters, and designers on this list. So much creativity and inspiration is shared in their posts.
GHD_BlogHop002Good Hair Day Blog Hop
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Nicole Daksiewicz

And now, on to THE GIVEAWAYS!Giveaway

Everyone loves giveaways! Just for fun, leave a comment at the bottom of our post, telling us about the craziest hair style you have ever tried. We will pick a lucky winner to recieve a 5.5 inch charm pack of the this great collection. (If you have trouble finding the comment box, scroll up and click on the title of this post, that should get your where you need to be.)


And there’s more giveaways!

Fat quarter bundles are being given away on the Windham Fabrics’ blog, Snip-its and Kim Andersson’s blog, I Adore Patterns. These giveaways will be open throughout whole blog hop schedule, which ends tomorrow, so be sure to hop over and leave a comment for your chance to win.


Hope you enjoyed our stop of the tour. Be sure to look for this line in your local quilt shop. Thanks for joining us today!
Laura & Pati

50 thoughts on “Good Hair Day, Followed by a Pretty Pajama Night and a Giveaway

  1. I colored my hair in my 20s, and once when Mom gave me a perm, my fine, thin hair started to dissolve! A fast application with olive oil helped, but a haircut was necessary. Scary1


  2. Hi Pati and Laura, I came across this post and was thrilled to see that Pati chose the Modern Robe pattern. Your robe is beautiful! I love the way you added a turquoise strip alongside the collar. I took the liberty of reblogging a couple of your photos and linking back to this post. You can see my post from today at this link: . Thanks again and have a wonderful 2016. ~Marina at Modern Robe


  3. My mom and I argue to this day about whose idea it was for me to get not one, not two, but at least three perms in junior high school. My thick hair never took the curl very well, so it was frizzy and half-straight, half-curly. I think one of us kept trying to make it work. ;P


  4. My worst hair day took place in high school, and it was on purpose! It was spirit week, and I tied ribbons in teeny little pigtails all over my head. In red and yellow, of course!

    Love the pajamas and robe, A LOT!


  5. I don’t know that it was a “style” but …I had a bad hair semester in high-school, I had this weird unicorn horn clump of hair at the front of my head…I used to plaster it down with hand lotion to try and keep it at bay. Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist (at)


  6. I had to call out of work one day because of a bad hair day. I had used a box color that I had never used before, and my hair was the color of eggplant. Try as I might, I couldn’t even lighten it up with laundry detergent. Truly it was ghastly. I knew if I just called out sick then showed up the following day with fabulous hair I’d get the “side eye”, so I came clean and just told the truth. By the way, it took over three hours in the beauticians chair and so many chemicals that I thought my scalp would melt to make myself presentable. Needless to say, I’ve not done that again.


  7. I used to have hair down to my ankles so you could do all kinds of crazy braids etc. Ahh the good old days. Funny thing when I started cutting it I discovered it was very curly.


  8. I have had a pretty tame hair life but back when I was young my mom decided I should sport a “Dorothy Hamill” cut… and well, it didn’t look that great on me! From then on I kept my hair longer…


  9. Making jammies and a robe from this fabric collection was a perfect choice! I would like to add both garments to my wardrobe! Remember the Dorothy Hamill hair cut in the 70’s? (Maybe you’re not that old.) Well, my BFF had her dark, thick hair cut like Dorothy’s, so I had to get the same cut too. Well, my fine, thin hair did not respond well to this cut and I looked ridiculous!


  10. Lot long before my wedding (in1987) I though getting a perm would be a good idea. I asked for a little bit of body for my short, limp fine hair. Ended up with a round head of curls. Good thing my veil was attached to a hat.


  11. Nothing really fancy but my granddaughters used to style my hair when they were 3 or 4 years old and the results were always brilliant!


  12. When I was in Jr. High I would have my sisters iron my hair. That was before straight irons. I would lean over ironing board and they would put a towel over my hair and start ironing.


  13. Your jammies and robe are adorable! One of the craziest hair styles I have ever tried was a bi-level (long in back, short in front (aka a mullett)) I grew up with pixie cuts, so to let my hair grow out long enough for this cut was something new and amazing for me! 🙂


  14. Well I was a teenager in the 80’s so I have worn it many ways. I’ve done the teased and crimped. I have had Burgundy hair (big mistake). About four years ago I actually had to get a pixie cut because of a bad product (not related to coloring). Have a great day.


  15. I was working in an office back in the 70s and wanted a new look. My cousin, a hairdresser, cut and styled my hair. It actually looked good! But the next morning I could do nothing with it and couldn’t see myself reporting to work. So early the next morning before work I called my cousin, got her out of bed, and had her go to the beauty shop and refix my hair. Of course, I was late for work and news had spread of why! So everyone had to come and take a gander at my new hairstyle. Embarrassing.


  16. I chopped my hair to the chin (I’ve always had it around my waist ) and dyed it bright red in college. I then went through the rainbow and dyed it pink and blue. 🙂


  17. During the 70’s I had my hair teased and sprayed till it stood straight up then crafted into a French roll. If you wrapped toilet paper around it at night, it would stay just like that for a week, then you went through it all over again. What torture! I can see this darling fabric in my grand daughter’s room.


  18. I can only remember the times when I got my hair permed… Always a bad idea!! Thankfully that was many, many years ago and I have learned!! Lol


  19. I have stick straight hair and decided to get a perm. I had short hair at the time. It was awful!!! I looked like a woman from The Great Gatsby!!


  20. I have very wavy and curly hair. When I moved, I could not find a stylist who could cut on points. I hadon’t bad hair for about six months until I could find I stylist who could cut my hair in a pleasing way.


  21. I love that fabric for a robe! It already has a kimono look with the hair comb print.
    I always had a wild hairstyle because my hair is naturally curly, so I could never try anything else! When it was long enough I always pulled it back in a tight bun. My husband (before he was my husband) used to say it looked like my forehead was screaming!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net


  22. My asymmetrical cut was one of my most radical tries. I have curly hair (and lots of it) but always envied the sleek straight locks! Never to happen for me though. Love the trim on the pj too!


  23. I didn’t know how to make French Braids when I was little, so I tried to pin one braid in the middle of my forehead, straight back– !


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