7 thoughts on “Giveaway

  1. Pati and Laura, it’s so nice to meet you both. Loving your PJ’s. I too loved Kim’s first collection Tidal Lace. Thanks for hosting her again.
    Tried the “Pippie Longstocking” hairstyle once….keep those 2 braids flipped up w/wire woven in….not good:)


  2. I have straight as a poker, fine, thin, absolutely no body hair that I can’t find any hairstyle that would look good. So I wear it straight and a little below shoulder length. Nothing weird or crazy here. 🙂


  3. Weather was getting warm in summer and my hair had grown to shoulder length for me.
    Saw a birthday card that had a girl in 2 side pony tails with cute saying inside about a hair style to make you smile.
    Sent it to two friends and started wearing my 70 year old gray hair in 2 side pony tails. I am never to old to make people smile.


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