21 thoughts on “Gallery

    1. Many thanks Sicelo for your kind words. Your website is remarkable and wonderful! I enjoyed seeing your art. What you do could so easily translate to quilted form.


  1. The quilts are breathtakingly beautiful! I’m in awe of the talent and creative minds of each quilter. Thank you for the opportunity to a part of this amazing group of artists.


    1. Hello Cris, how could we not include your fabulous quilt? I’m going to Wooden Gate in Danville to see if Marby has more African print jelly rolls! Thanks for being a part of the show!


    2. Hi Cris,
      Your quilt is wonderful! Thanks for being part of the Gallery! I hadn’t thought of an African fabric jelly roll, but you certainly inspired us all with what you did with yours—now I want one too!!


    1. On your computer! Click the Gallery tab at the top of our landing page at the See How We Sew blog and scroll through the quilts. How easy is that?


      1. Oh yes, important note, the Gallery opens on Friday, September 28. Paula and I are still curating the exhibit.


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