Another Scrap-Happy Quilting Adventure (+ A Super Quick One-Day Giveaway)

This quilting thing? It’s utter madness. I’m not alone, though; I know you share this insanity. You finish a quilt, give it away, and in that pause between taking a deep, refreshing breath and re-committing to getting the house in order, you blow off your good intentions and turn on the sewing machine.

Yup, I did that within hours of the end of my recent holiday. I’d been eyeing another scrap-happy project, a Blue Underground Studios pattern called “Sticks and Bricks” published in the April 2012 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, and I succumbed. Mind you, I do have a deadline for a magazine project-like thing plus a super-secret pattern in development. What the heck, go big or do housework. I’m opting for a BIG pile of quilts!

Quilt-J:  Another Scrappy Quilt in the Making--A Blue Underground Studios Pattern
Ready for the first draft layout–I’m a little scared of the dark blocks.

I’ll post a picture when I ‘m done, but the Blue Underground Studios version is so pretty, I reserve the right to “forget” to post if I don’t like my result.

As I mentioned in my Tuesday post, I delivered a colorful scrappy quilt to my sister-in-law Laurence when we met up in Los Angeles recently for her daughter’s (my niece/god-daughter’s) bridal shower. Our hostess (and newest extended-family member as mother-of-the-groom) has the perfect setting for styled quilt photography so we staged an impromptu al fresco photo shoot.

Quilt-J:  Romance Shot of Laurence's Scrappy Quilt
I did NOT plan this photo shoot–it was kismet: the colors, the furniture, the sunny day.
Thanks to Marla!

Here’s a closer look at the quilt. One of my favorite long-armers, Elaine Beattie, machine quilted the top in a curvy water-drop motif.

Quilt-J:  Detail of Laurence's Scrappy QuiltScreen shot 2013-05-15 at 8.11.07 PMHere’s a look at the quilt back with it’s faced binding and accent triangles in the corners.

Just to update, the latest issue of The Quilt Life (June 2013) has an excellent explanation of faced bindings done by Ricky Tims with how-to photos and a primer for doing the triangles as well. I touched on faced bindings in a recent post and promised to tell you then when the magazine was available on newsstands.

Quilt-J:  Back Side of Laurence's Scrappy Quilt

Giveaway Details Here

Oh yes, about that super, super-quick giveaway . . . leave me a comment TODAY and I will  award a copy of Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott at the end of the day and notify the winner Saturday morning. How’s that for insane fun?

Here’s your question:  What do you do: drop everything to quilt or clean your house first, then quilt?

p.s.  Hey Ginabeth, you’ve got a prize to claim from the Verna Mosquera giveaway!  Email us

p.p.s.  May 18, 2013:  Here’s the name of the Lintott book giveaway winner:  Donna from Texas.  Congrats!

Happy quilting!



Another Week, Another Quilt, Another Giveaway Winner

Quilt-J: Fat Quarter Quilt
Freshly pieced and now ready for quilting.

Another week, another quilt. Yeah, I’m slowing down and looking for a break from the quilt-making frenzy after this. I’ve got a deadline though, a serious deadline to finish this next quilt. My sister-in-law Laurence is coming from France for her daughter’s bridal shower here in the U.S. and I’m making her a quilt for a milestone birthday she celebrated recently. I was going to take it to Europe for the wedding, but as she’s heading my way . .  . might as well use her arrival as my finishing goal.  I’ll probably have to stitch on the faced binding as we drive to the shower.

Book-J:  Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott

I picked up Jelly Roll Quilts by the Lintotts, an English mother/daughter duo,  at Back Porch Fabric last fall. Gail Abeloe, the shop owner, had a colorful sample quilt from the book in the shop when I visited. Gotta admit, I’m a sucker for quilts with lots of colors paired with white and so, naturally, I succumbed and bought the book. Like Gail, I’m going for a multi-color palette. I’m stash-busting again and pilfering the leftovers from the Kaffe Fassett hexagon quilt I just finished.

Quilt-J:  Fat Quarter QuiltOf course, I like designing my own quilts, but sometimes, following another’s inspiration is liberating, especially when the instructions are so easy to follow.

Quilt-J:  Fat Quarter Quilt DetailWouldn’t you know, I even found leftover strips in my stash from a tenth-anniversary quilt I made for my brother and sister-in-law that I had to drop into this new quilt. See those Hoffman Fabrics butterflies? I loved those butterflies back then and I’m still attached. It’s a great print and I wish I had more, but as we well know, there’s always something out there even more tantalizing.  Just check out my backing and binding options below . . .

Fabric-J: Faced Binding Fabrics for Fat Quarter Quilt

A trip to my local quilt shop Wooden Gate Quilts yielded a trove of new Westminster Fabrics. The paisley is the backing, the zigzag print is the binding, and the green floral will be the corner triangles. Yes, I’m doing a faced binding just like the one in my Tuesday post. If you’re fabric shopping in the Danville, CA, area this weekend, do take advantage of a special at Wooden Gate Quilts on the third Saturdays of the month–a discount for the purchase of backing fabric when you bring in a completed quilt top. Follow the rules–the completed top is essential for the promotion.

Giveaway Winner!

Thanks so much for all the interest in faced bindings. That method (and its iterations) is a wonderful addition to your arsenal of quilt-making techniques. Keep your eyes peeled for the June issue of The Quilt Life and check out the comment from Sally2 who used American Quilter Projects 2007  for how-to’s. The winner is Brita, who would like me to make her a sunshiny quilt–Ha! Congratulations!

It’s been a tough week for the American psyche so I’m going to close with a floral tribute. We quilters celebrate beauty, charity, and goodness–all are defenses against malevolence. Jennifer

One element of a design--a ranunculus blossom.